By Donovan Westover
Special Contributor

A crowning Dallas midcentury modern jewel, the Grady Vaughn house — family residence of the late Dallas developer Allan Zidell since 1971 — has hit the market. It is one of the most significant midcentury masterpieces not just in Dallas, but in the country. Built like a fortress with maple studs, the home sits on an unusually lush wooded and waterfront-ed 1.36 acres in the honeypot of Preston Hollow at 5350 South Dentwood Drive, right across from former Dallas mayor Laura Miller and former Texas state representative Steve Wolens.



First of all, love affair: me and JanMar. Note to husband and world: Do not be surprised if I end up there someday.

Janmar was developed in the late 50’s, early 60’s. Named after the developer’s daughters, Janet and Margaret, you basically have Bluffview east of Hillcrest: hills, water, and Buffalo Creek, which flows to White Rock Lake. It doesn’t feel like any other part of the city. Because of the creeks, the area is loaded with animals such as the usual possums, coyotes, but also great horned owls, great blue herons, hawks, and even a bobcat or two, which very well may have crossed over Hillcrest to our Ricks Circle. Truth be told, bobcats are everywhere in this town from Oak Cliff to Richardson and beyond.

Because of the time period in which it was developed, natural mid-century design abounds here, the most notable of course being Dallas’ Not-Really-By-Bruce-Goff Round House. (Long story.) And because those were the style of homes that were being built when I was growing up, I feel so much at home here. Have I ever told you about Bruce Goff’s REAL “Round House” in Aurora, Illinois? My cousins lived down the street and we rode bikes there all the time. Can you believe it only cost $64,000 to build?:Round House Aurora, Ill.