WFAA-TV last week reported that a University Park woman –well, WFAA called her a socialite — was arrested for peddling graphic child porn on her computer. Sick.

According to Channel 8, agents raided Erika Perdue’s $1.5 million University Park home and seized computers filled with child pornography. If it’s the home I think it is, the home on Villanova is valued on DCAD at $1,444,000 and is titled only in the name of Perdue’s spouse, Dallas attorney Mark Douglas Perdue.

It’s very troubling to me that Perdue lives right across the street from a park. Where kiddos play.

Seems like this was a sting op: the FBI had undercover agents access Perdue’s computer files through an illegal child porn site.  Perdue was allegedly sharing child porn unknowingly with agents — you would just never think a woman could be capable of this, would you, if, of course, she is guilty of the charges.

The US Attorney’s office says: “Perdue knowingly mailed, transported and shipped interstate commerce by any means, including by computer, visual depiction of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct.”

I’m sorry, this is so sick. Now I’m wondering if this will affect the property values of any homes on the market nearby if, of course, she is found guilty.

Question: do you check for sex offenders before you buy a home? Here is an interesting piece about one unfortunate young man who is on the list, from a mistake he made when he was 12. He’s been paying for it ever since.