Open House Sunday, and I know North Texas real estate agents are on high alert for Steven Breed. In fact, I feel like we need a Tweet-Up to lasso this guy.

Breed is your worst nightmare at an open house: he has sticky fingers and, obvi, a problem or two. Once again, Breed is out of the slammer and into “buying” real estate, apparently, after posting bond last Feb. 16, this after being arrested Feb. 6 for stealing jewelry.

No sooner is he out than the 55 year old was allegedly spotted at an open house in JanMar last weekend. Nothing was stolen from the house.

Get this: according to a report on KXAS, Breed is a former school teacher. His attorney says he is cleaning up his life and believes last weekend’s sighting is a case of mistaken identity.

But why is he out going to open houses? Is he really in the market for a home or just flirting with his obsession?

Several North Texas police departments have arrested Breed for stealing jewelry during open houses, and he has been arrested multiple times in Frisco, McKinney and Dallas, all on jewelry theft charges. He’s telling agents that his house is on the market in Houston. I’ve been writing about this dude since the summer of 2010 and he just seems to keep on going in and out of jail. I wonder what happens to the stuff he steals, and if the victims get it back?