Claim to fame: here’s how great this neighborhood is. Guess who used to live here? Who, in fact, raised his kiddos here — not in this house, but on this cul de sac? Roger and Marianne Staubach, that’s who.  I love this little nook just north of LBJ — yes, it’s north of the Big O and you are creeping dangerously near to the 972 world — kidding! This is a great location, because you are still close enough in to make running everywhere a snap, yet you can get some great property deals. Take this beauty. Can you tell it was built in 1977 and maybe needs a little work? (Who deosn’t?) But look what you get as far as bones: 4255 square feet, three bedrooms, two and a half baths, half a lush, leafy green acre with low maintenace — no grass in the backyard, which will keep your water bills down when this rationing deal kicks in. And you get a nice deck spa. This home is very woodsy a la late 70’s, maybe too woodsy, but decks can be replaced and then you can create the perfect environment. Vison, people, have vision: 6906 Edelweiss is priced at $499,000 for cripes sakes and the sellers are serious. As in, VERY serious! Linda Vallala with Virginia Cook.

Had lunch with a colleague, who reminded me of something I had forgotten now that our kids are all grown up: “The Formula”.

What is the Formula? It’s the number of kids you can have and still live in Dallas and send the munchkins to private school and afford it all without robbing Peter to pay Paul. It’s the point at which a house in the Park Cities or Southlake becomes a better investment than the cost of that private school tuition for all the kiddos and the amount of discretionary spending you have left over, if any.

With budget cuts looming in Austin, and though it’s not related directly, the embarrassing behavior of some of our city leaders,¬† we are paying higher taxes and getting way less… so why not move into a better school district and put the money into home equity… or be able to buy a second home the family can enjoy for generations?

For us, The Formula was two kids and four dogs.

The rumor was rampant in Dallas real estate circles last week that Angelina Jolie, Brad and all the kiddos had leased a house on Beverly Drive for the weekend while in town for the Super Bowl. This house. The home is a Dave Perry-Miller listing at 3911 Beverly, listed for $7,995,000. I checked it out and it appears that Brangelina et al did NOT stay at this home, though a source did tell me he had seen a lot of Secret Service types around the place. The house is owned by Catherine T. and Robert C. Karlseng, he being a very big real estate attorney in town. I think the house is gorgeous and think it would be a GREAT deal for Angelina and Brad — there are 8 bedrooms, 7.3 baths, 9 living areas, a four car garage for when those kiddos start driving, and 12,250 square feet overlooking the Dallas Country Club. And for God’s sake, how much would a house like this cost in LA?