Khraish Khraish

West Dallas Landlord Threatened Mass Eviction, Offering Path to Home Ownership, Continued…

By Candy Evans / May 25, 2017 / 6 Comments

  Whoa, hang on there a moment. I am back from my City Council run , catching up on real estate, and have a whole lot to say. But first, let’s take a DEEPER look at the story of Khraish Khraish and his West Dallas properties that we just reported on. I mean, this is a […]

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Khraish Khraish, West Dallas Landlord Threatening Mass Eviction, Now Offering Path to Home Ownership

By Heather Hunter / May 23, 2017 / 0 Comments

Well that was unexpected. WFAA is reporting that Khraish Khraish, the West Dallas landlord threatening to evict hundreds of residents, is now offering to sell to them. Khraish credits what WFAA is calling a “change of heart” to conversations with Dallas City Council run-off candidate Omar Narvaez. Before the plan’s formal announcement, Khraish had already […]

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