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Check out those shaggy beast chairs for the show or an apres-game rest! You sure won’t find those in LA! After seeing this totally WOW house, I couldn’t resist one more option for our new transplants. And I retact my earlier statement that Mack Hicks’ unit at 2604 is the most expensive lease at the W. Homes are just like what my father used to say about boyfriends and streetcars: another one comes along in 30 minutes and then it’s even pricier. This is a two-story unit, 2509, is on the 25th floor, but oh wow, what a beauty. Captivating panoramic views from every room, balconies overlook Victory Park, Calatrava Bridge, and downtown Dallas. Extra spectacular features include Crestron Audio Visual System, elegant mother of pearl & suede entry w LED lighting, tooled leather columns, warm suede walls, art lighting, hip Euro kitchen.  3779 square feet, only two bedrooms but three baths! This unit leases for $9500 and just went on… could be fabulous timing. Really.

Joseph Gulloto? Allie Beth Allman? Alan Peppard (you have to subscribe, but here goes) says she took her grand daughter and the Andrews grandaughters down to show Khloe some W condos this weekend and got mic’ed up for the show, little girls and all. He also says Khloe and Lamar have leased Mack Hicks two-bedroom unit, #2604, pictured here, for $7500 a month. Allie Beth is the listing agent. It’s the most expensive lease at The W. Apparently it was once a three bedroom, but was converted to a two bedroom for more living-entertainment space: a playroom with stainless steel wet bar, wine fridge, custom wine rack, ice machine, and media wiring for audio visual system were put in. Nice.

I spoke to Forrest Gregg, who also showed Khloe and Lamar some properties (because Forrest works with a lot of NBA players and sports stars) but then says he got busy with two other Maverick players. Forrest said he thinks the agent is finally Steve Rigely with Roger’s Healy & Associates, which is exacly what Rogers has been telling me all day long.

“Steve Rigely with my company is their agent. No deal is complete,” Rogers texted me at 11:15 p.m.

I do know this: Steve and Mack Hicks are buddies, so my guess is that yes, it is unit 2604 but Steve was, or is, the agent on the lease. I’ve been told Mack moves out Thursday. I guess I write about and hang around Realtors so much I don’t like to call it a deal until I see the John Hancocks are dry. But Khloe has spread the wealth and sure given a lot of agents a shot.

Which is all the better, of course, for her show!

Agents, put down your tools and snap those ipads shut. Looks like Khloe and Lamar only want to lease in Dallas. Sources tell me that an agent “representing a Mavericks player” called over to the Azure today asking if they had any three bedroom condos for lease. Unfortunately, they do not. They have some nice two bedrooms — one on the 18th floor, another on the 23rd, so maybe take two, one for Khloe and Lamar, one for brother Rob?

But I have another idea. I also hear that a call might have been made to the agent, darling Babs Holder, representing Greg A. Brady’s (i-2 Technology etc. etc.) penthouse up there across from Deion Sanders. Sorry kids, Deion’s place is all leased up. Now from what I hear, Greg doesn’t really want to lease his 5025 square foot custom-out-the-wahzoo $7 million penthouse, and who can blame him? What with all that custom designed everything from the wine chiller to audio to the master bedroom with the TV that lifts up out of the cabinet and a very James Bond-like hidden chest that, at the touch of a button, comes up holding a bottle of wine and two glasses. No, this place has too many gadgets to break. Still, it might help change Khloe’s mind about Big D.

Khloe, I’m told, is really not too keen on living in Dallas, no matter how smiley a face Lamar tries to put on it. A source told me she won’t be here much,  just enough to be a supportive wife. But they want a place close to Victory, they want at least 3 bedrooms, and they really like the Azure. Who doesn’t? Timing is so bad: they could have leased Terrell Owen’s spread before he let it go for a short sale.

Still, arms can be twisted, often with a lot of money, honey.

Every Realtor in Dallas is thrilled that Lamar Odom was traded to the Dallas Mavericks over the weekend. Why? Surely the young couple is going to need a Dallas pad — either a super sleek condo to crash when they are in town, or a home where they can nest and maybe get started on making Kris a grandmother again. I recall one episode when Kris was house hunting with Khloe back in LA, and she seemed to favor sprawling Mediterranean. At least, that’s what Kris liked FOR Khloe. Based on that episode, and what I know about her, let me suggest these listings:

6124 St. Andrews

Best house to guarantee that Kris and Chris and your sisters won’t stay long when they visit: 6124 St. Andrews: 7351 square feet but it only has one bedroom.

Looks like LA, and best home value if the whole gang wants to visit: 4501 Cherokee Trail, just reduced to $3.5 — over 6,000 square feet and a knock-out media room — very affordable Khloe, just try to get something this big at that price in Cali!

4501 Cherokee Trail

Or just go for broke with 10660 Strait Lane, Phil Romano’s house. Asking $12,500,000 and so fabulous I squeal when I write about it! More than 14,000 square feet and closer in, so you are only about 5 miles from HPV. I’ll tell you a secret: it’s been on the market a while, Khloe, and will probably not be jumping off the shelves any time soon. Make an offer!

10660 Strait Lane