Yes, I am going to show you another awesome house in Oak Cliff. Why, you ask? Because if you aren’t considering your next home purchase to be south of the Trinity River, then you’re missing out on a great opportunity.

Like this adorable three-bedroom, two-bath Tudor in Kessler Square marketed by Brady Moore. You can tell by looking at 1046 N. Edgefield that this home was recently updated. Lots of fresh paint and fixtures, as well as a gorgeous and modern kitchen with a too-cute island. It’s priced right, too, at $339,900.

The details are almost too much in this house. I mean, check out the tile in the bathroom! It’s perfect!

And there’s a great sleeping porch, which is probably one of my favorite things about older homes. Of course, now that we have air-conditioning, many sleeping porches are enclosed. But they’re still great spots to grab a good book or a knitting project and sip some coffee.

And Kessler Square, which is an awesome little nook inside Kessler Park that feels like row-after-row of adorable Tudors, is a great place to buy. If you’ve ever driven up and down the streets of Lakewood, you’ve probably seen a similar sight — tons of Tudors from the twenties that have been lovingly restored.

It’s also close to the Kessler School, a private elementary school with a wonderful staff. And you’re a short bike ride from the under-construction Sylvan Thirty development and the Bishop Arts District.

Seriously, this is probably the most up-and-coming-est area in Dallas!