JP & Associates just wrapped the firm’s annual conference last weekend in Dallas, ending the whirlwind event with a star-studded awards ceremony, food, drink, and the famous Dallas band, Emerald City. It happened at Gilley’s and about 1,400 from D/FW, Austin, San Antonio, North Carolina, and even Florida attended.
This year marks the largest JPAR annual awards celebration to date.
And now the fast-growing Texas-based brokerage is offering all agents access to an associated health plan and retirement benefits. This move follows JPAR’s push to franchise last summer.

“I could not be more excited for our agents,” said JP Piccinini, founder and CEO of JP & Associates Realtors. “With the latest additions to our company, our Realtors now have options regarding health insurance and retirement plans.”Agents with the company now have access to an annual agent health care plan and retirement plus bonus plan options through its newly created program, Gemini. (more…)

Get out your checkbook, because even if you’re not in the market, today’s Friday Four Hundred will make you want to drop some earnest money and book the movers. This 1921 Craftsman blends historic charm and practical, pretty updates, making it the ultimate in hard-to-resist real estate. Located in the Kings Highway Conservation District of North Oak Cliff, this gorgeous piece of architecture underwent a 2013 renovation that you must see to believe.

New double-paned windows, updated HVAC, and stainless steel appliances bring 932 North Windomere Avenue smartly into the now, while original hardwoods and true Craftsman appeal transport you to another time. Listed by Kurtis Walker of JP & Associates Realtors for $425,000, the home features two bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,312 square feet. As a bonus, it’s in walking distance to the Bishop Arts District.


Chenoa Barhydt

Realtor Chenoa Barhydt never saw herself walking away from the corporate world. As an entrepreneur with an extensive background in international marketing and branding, she’d already found her niche. Or so she thought. But while doing marketing and social media branding for a small real estate brokerage, something changed. “I felt like God was pulling me to it, because there’s no other reason for it,” she said. “I got my license and it was just the easiest process. And then I started helping people.”

Specifically, Chenoa has found something of a calling in helping divorced people navigate the homebuying process. “I’m blessed with helping people who have been divorced and who don’t know the pitfalls that come with it. Like, getting a loan and what that looks like. And how they need to set themselves up for success from the get-go.” Chenoa’s background in speaking at women’s empowerment groups comes into play quite a bit, she says. “I’m able to use my coaching experience to walk people down that path. And for some reason, I’m really able to help them.” (more…)

JP and Associates

JP Piccinini launched his firm with only two associates out of his Frisco home in November 2011. Driven by a fire to be the best, four years later, he has almost 500 agents with applicants calling every day.

If you haven’t heard of this brokerage yet, you will soon: JP and Associates Realtors is the fastest growing brokerage in DFW out of all the top brokerages. They are on track to close a billion dollars of real estate in 2016, and they show no signs of slowing down (they’ve been using the hashtag #1B16 on social media to track their growth).

In the last two years, JP and Associates Realtors has grown by a jaw-dropping 1000 percent. They have had an office in Uptown for years, but now are moving to a bigger and better location for agents and clients. They also opened a Southlake office two weeks ago and a Pilot Point office last week. So that makes ten DFW offices in almost five years, in addition to Austin, Houston, and Manhattan offices. Wow.

The founder, JP Piccinini launched his firm with only two associates out of his Frisco home in November 2011. Driven by a desire to be the best in the business and create a company where productivity and service was key, JPAR now has close to 500 agents with applicants calling every day.



Fredrick Eklund with JP Piccinini for the ribbon cutting at the Plano office

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In the last two years JP and Associates REALTORS has grown by 1000%... Coming to a city near you!

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If this real estate name is not on the tip of your tongue yet, it may well be very soon: JP and Associates REALTORS is one of the fastest-growing real estate brokerages in Dallas Fort Worth, and on its way to becoming the Southwest Airlines of real estate brokerages.

I’ll explain why in a second.

In the last two years, JP and Associates REALTORS has grown by an unprecedented 1000%. The founder, Giuseppe (JP) Piccinini launched his firm with only two associates out of his Frisco home in November of 2011. Four years later, he is nearing 300 agents and applicants knocking down his door. Of course the process isn’t easy-peasy, so why does everyone want to hang their license with the charming Italian-born immigrant?

JP dazzles me with his genuine smile and continental charm. But he is most certainly a ringleader.

“I was an agent, and I know what agents want as an agent,” says JP. “You always have to benefit the agent more than the broker. I know what I wanted as an agent and I have it right here.” (more…)