Agents, put down your tools and snap those ipads shut. Looks like Khloe and Lamar only want to lease in Dallas. Sources tell me that an agent “representing a Mavericks player” called over to the Azure today asking if they had any three bedroom condos for lease. Unfortunately, they do not. They have some nice two bedrooms — one on the 18th floor, another on the 23rd, so maybe take two, one for Khloe and Lamar, one for brother Rob?

But I have another idea. I also hear that a call might have been made to the agent, darling Babs Holder, representing Greg A. Brady’s (i-2 Technology etc. etc.) penthouse up there across from Deion Sanders. Sorry kids, Deion’s place is all leased up. Now from what I hear, Greg doesn’t really want to lease his 5025 square foot custom-out-the-wahzoo $7 million penthouse, and who can blame him? What with all that custom designed everything from the wine chiller to audio to the master bedroom with the TV that lifts up out of the cabinet and a very James Bond-like hidden chest that, at the touch of a button, comes up holding a bottle of wine and two glasses. No, this place has too many gadgets to break. Still, it might help change Khloe’s mind about Big D.

Khloe, I’m told, is really not too keen on living in Dallas, no matter how smiley a face Lamar tries to put on it. A source told me she won’t be here much,  just enough to be a supportive wife. But they want a place close to Victory, they want at least 3 bedrooms, and they really like the Azure. Who doesn’t? Timing is so bad: they could have leased Terrell Owen’s spread before he let it go for a short sale.

Still, arms can be twisted, often with a lot of money, honey.