“Sell your home for a $2,500! Flat fee, full service!” That’s just what Redefy says they are bringing to Dallas.

Redefy, a new kind of discount real estate brokerage, is trying to redefine options for selling your home. According to their website, “Redefy helps real estate sellers save thousands by replacing a single real estate agent with a highly efficient and technology-enabled team of experts.”

The company is based in Aurora, Colo., and has branched out into Phoenix, Arizona. Working with title companies and lenders, they found a handful of local agents that are ready to give simplified selling a try and opened their Dallas base in January. Heck, they will even train you to be an agent. It appears the idea is to get as many listings as you can, then build up a database to generate a lot of potential buyers. The buy transaction fee is 3 percent, so it seems the theory is to make up in sales volume what you lose in listing fees.

What does that $2,500 flat fee get a home seller? Jump to find out.