Historic Fort Worth

Historic 1903 Home in Fort Worth Offers Unique Opportunity

By Seth Fowler / October 17, 2017 / 1 Comment

Imagine Fort Worth in 1903.  From grainy photos I’ve seen, there was a lot of dust, cows, and not much else.  There certainly were not any charming homes that would last 114 years and become historic properties, right?  Wrong. The 1900 census of Fort Worth showed 26,668 residents, which was up from 1880 when there […]

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After Last Night's Fire, Looks Like Texas Wesleyan University Will Get To Raze The Century-Old Dillow House After All

By Joanna England / September 23, 2013 / 8 Comments

So, file this under “Interesting Circumstances”: The 100-year-old Dillow House on the grounds of Texas Wesleyan University caught fire last night and is a pile of steaming ash right now. If you are expecting the folks at TWU to be all beat up about it, well, you’ll be waiting a while.

You see, there was quite a controversy about this home. TWU wanted to demolish it, but Fort Worth preservationists were fighting to keep the historic structure standing. But after last night’s two-alarm fire, Fort Worth Fire Department’s spokesperson is calling the Dillow House a “total loss” according to the Star-Telegram:

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