First of all, gotta love Alan Nixon! I knew him way back when he was Breckenridge-Nixon, been in a million of his Preston Hollow homes, and now he’s building a fantabulous mega manse on my old homestead at 5511 Park Lane. But this, this is Stefani, that sweet spot location right south of Walnut Hill betwixt Preston and Hillcrest. For you Mediterranean lovers, this home will make you dizzy with delight. Dramatic entry, and a gourmet kitchen with a “Keeping Room”. The Keeping Room originated in colonial times, before homes were 5,000 square feet. It was a multi-use room attached to the kitchen or open to it, complete with a fireplace for warmth. It’s an old-time concept that adds depth, warmth and activity to modern kitchens.  But the keeping room does not in any way replace the breakfast room or the family room. It’s just that in here you can eat on the sofa!

There are also four interior fireplaces, a wonderful outdoor entertaining & cooking area also with fireplace, gorgeous hardwoods, groin vault ceilings, look at that handsome paneled study WITH ACTUAL BOOKSHELVES (I cannot stand these fake dens that have like two shelves for books — I know we are all using i-pads but dens need to have bookshelves and books!), a gameroom & media room, barrel-tile roof, plus an elevator! The home was built in 2008 on almost half an acre of land — those are large lots over there  — and a whopping 7253 square feet. I think Dartmouth man Stephen Collins has it priced quite nicely at $2, 249,000, or $310. per square foot. Do you?