Vital. Groups. Knee. That’s the three-word address of Dallas City Hall – no number, no street, no zip code.

It’s how you would find 1500 Marilla using What 3 Words. The company has covered the world in a 3-meter square grid (10 feet) and assigned each one a unique three-word code. What appears to be a party game at first glance is a lot more (click here to explore your address).

The operation was founded in 2013 because addresses were imprecise for deliveries – which loading dock, which section of the park, etc.? Beyond that, over 75 percent of the globe has poor or non-existent addresses – and then there’s the oceans and seas.

Precision of location is the name of the game and investors have taken note with millions invested in the technology. For consumers and real estate agents, there are great uses for the free app available for both Android and Apple users. First is the location pinpointing. If you’re in a rural area, the accuracy is unlike what you’re used to. Using What 3 Words for selling property with considerable acreage definitely makes meeting a buyer or Realtor on-property a snap (no more arm waving, horn honking, and light flashing). The location is within a 10-foot-by-10-foot square.

You can also tag photos with What 3 Word addresses so not only can a buyer find the property, but they know precisely where the agent snapped pictures. For the digital egotist, you can add the What 3 Word designation to photos of your lunch or the sunset you just enjoyed. The apps also support speech recognition so you can tell it to remember or find a precise location without typing.



Sometimes the best way to find your next home is just by driving or walking the block. You learn so much about a neighborhood that way, just by going up and down streets, looking at front yards and landscaping, seeing people walking down the sidewalks, hear noisy dogs and see traffic in real time. And sometimes, while driving a neighborhood, you come across a home that’s too good to pass up. Your first instinct might be to call the number on the sign, but that might mean you can’t tour a property for several hours, if not a day or more. What do you do if you want to check out a property right then and there?

That’s the problem that Realocator solves, says David Maez, Realocator co-founder and broker at Vivo Realty Group.

“This app will revolutionize the way buyers and agents connect.” Maez said. “Mobile buyers want on-demand showings, and that’s what this app does. Comparable to UBER, buyers can visually see the cars of available agents ready to show you a home on demand.”



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