Windsor Place

It’s rare when a two story on a desirable Berkley Place street comes up for sale, so when I saw a sign in front of  2224 Windsor Place, I felt compelled to write about it.

Well, on the market last week under contract this week — priced at $630,000, it sits at a market-moving sweet spot. It doesn’t hurt either, that the center of gravity in Fort Worth is shifting with new development in Edward’s Ranch, Waterside, and Clearfork, just west of its venerable Near South Side neighborhoods. The interest that this property garnered and its short duration on the market  suggest that the 2,749-square-foot house may have been underpriced even though it falls within the average $230 per square foot range for the neighborhood.


2300 Willing

Remember this beauty at 2300 Willing Avenue? What a difference a few months make. Brent Hull, owner of an architectural millwork firm and Boston-trained expert in historic restoration, has worked his magic and brought back to life the nearly 100-year-old residence in historic Ryan Place.

2300 Willing

That effort is now the subject of a popular weekly program on the History Chanel, Lone Star Restoration, which began October 13th. Viewers can get current by watching previous episodes online. The program features Hull’s unique approach to historical renovation and includes other projects, mostly in Fort Worth. His eloquently stated philosophy is  to “quit building crap and build more beautiful things.” Fort Worth and its commitment to preservation comes off in a highly favorable light.


Elizabeth Blvd.

In the “keeping track of what’s going on in one’s own backyard” file, the recent and rapid sale of 1111 Elizabeth Blvd. has raised some eyebrows. One hundred years old this year, 1111 Elizabeth Blvd. was built for George W. Armstrong, founder and president of Consumers’ Light and Heat Company, which ultimately became Fort Worth Power and Light. From 1935 to 1955, the home served as the parsonage for the First Methodist Episcopal Church. Listed in the National Registry, the 3,869-square-foot, four-bedroom, three-and-one-half-bath house is also a Fort Worth Historical Preservation Award winner.


Near South Side

The Near South Side revival is not only being fueled by a hefty half billion dollar commitment of city funds alone, though that isn’t hurting. There is a dynamic energy here that is youthful and passionate. It is evident in the variety of mod and imaginative eateries and bars on once dodgy Magnolia Avenue, and in the apparently insatiable appetite for renovating and rehabbing in Fairmount. This intact, inner city, hood remained single family zoned when other municipalities were panicking and sanctioning the construction of poor quality, multi family housing, to bolster tax revenues.

Into this heady environment, enter the truly dynamic duo of Jamey Ice and Jimmy Williams. Friends since Paschal High School days, they are pure Fort Worth though they couldn’t be more different. Jamey is lead man for the rock band, Green River Ordinance, while Jimmy is a detective with the Fort Worth Police Department. They and their families live across the street from one another on 6th Avenue, hence the name of their burgeoning real estate and rehab venture, 6th Ave Homes(more…)

2700 College

One of the most encouraging things about covering Fort Worth real estate is observing the lengths to which people will go to preserve and adapt existing housing stock.

“What makes a good flip?” I ask designer, micro developer, and house flipper, Terri West. “The worst house on the block!” is the snap retort of the seasoned rehabber.  The most recent product of her adroit efforts is 2700 College Avenue. Located in historic Ryan Place — an amalgam of grand, jazz-age villas clustered around the axis of Elizabeth Boulevard and charming Craftsman-style bungalows that ring the periphery. Some have been loved and tended through the years. Many more have suffered from neglect during the long decline of this Near Southside neighborhood. (more…)

2300 Willing

Do you have a specter in your neighborhood? While walking the dog, I often wondered about 2300 Willing Avenue, just around the corner, at the edge of Ryan Place. In an advanced state of decay it looked uninhabitable if not uninhabited.

Returning home one evening, I noticed a chink of yellow light behind a torn shade. Signs of life. Visions of Boo Radley. The old edifice looked as if it might fall down before being torn down. But this being Fort Worth, a happier destiny awaits this 1922 vintage dwelling.

Two weeks ago on another walk, another surprise. The home at 2300 Willing Ave., with every one of its bricks now on the ground, stood naked, cloaked only in an extensive network of scaffolding. (more…)

1521 Elizabeth Blvd.Since houses on one of Fort Worth’s premiere historic streets infrequently come on the market, it isn’t surprising that 1521 Elizabeth Boulevard, is garnering a lot of agent and buyer interest.

“We’ve only officially been on the market since Monday and we’ve already had dozens of showings,” observes Briggs Freeman agent Lisa Logan. Many of the prospective buyers are relocating from other markets and are amazed at the value Fort Worth offers.  (more…)

2209 Hurley Ave FW ext

by Eric Prokesh

Talk to any agent these days and be prepared to listen to complaints about low inventory. That appears to go double for historic Fairmount, with its period charm, its proximity to the trendy restaurants and bars of Magnolia, and millions in city funds committed to rejuvenate the South Side.

Better move fast: this 2125 square foot, 4 bedroom, 2 full bath, craftsman bungalow at 2209 Hurley has all of the curb appeal and allure fans of Fairmount crave, and, owing to thoughtful updates, all of the amenities for modern living. The home is a hefty 2125 square feet on a .16 acre treed lot. Could you find a more welcoming front porch?

2209 Hurley ave FW porch