There are a lot of things that make living in Texas unique. One of them is the urban horse owner.

Now, I don’t live very far from Casa Linda Estates, where I know of at least one homeowner who has a horse or two. The lot’s big enough for a moderately sized arena and a stall. We pass by the house on an almost daily basis.

This home, 6831 Fisher Road, sits on FOUR ACRES (I still can’t believe the lot’s that large!) and has room for six horses. All inside the city limits, too. The home is practically next door to White Rock Lake, and there are cool trails where you can meander with the horses. The downside is that it’s right next to DART’s  Blue Line. Bet the horses love that.

Clocking in at almost 6,000 square feet and $4.9 million, this house is a great escape inside the city. There are five bedrooms, four baths, two half baths, four living areas, two dining areas, and a partridge in a pear tree, I’m sure!

Besides the wide open spaces and barn, this home, which was recently remodeled, feels like an estate in the wine country. There’s a very classy chicken coop on the property, and there’s a walk-in climate-controlled bottle closet that will make any oenophile weak in the knees. Seriously, the floor is made out of wine corks!

On the inside, the home is has both an earthy and modern feel. Exposed stone and wood, paired with sleek metal and leather furnishings, keeps the interiors from feeling sterile. The current homeowners have tons of gorgeous modern paintings on the walls, too, which doesn’t hurt the contemporary feel!

The kitchen is gorgeous, though, with stainless everywhere and practically luminescent blonde cabinets. It’s open to a huge living area, which makes this home perfect for entertaining crowds of hungry wine enthusiasts.

Of course, if you have to work off the cheese plate that you paired with your Pinot flight, there’s a top-notch home gym upstairs. I can totally imagine getting on the elliptical and just staring out the window for an hour or so. Beautiful!