Eric Nicholson is in the habit of tossing babies around, so his new place will require high ceilings.

Eric Nicholson is the new Robert “Fingers of Fury” Wilonsky. The young journo, formerly of the Texarkana Gazette, has taken over the helm of Unfair Park, the Dallas Observer blog. With his new gig, he’s back in Dallas and holed up at his parents’ house in North Dallas with his wife, Megan, his 3-year-old, Connor, and another baby on the way. Obviously, he needs a great house for a great deal. Any takers?

So, where do you want to move?
Well, we’d like to be in North Oak Cliff or maybe Lakewood-ish, but we haven’t exactly gotten around to picking a house since Megan’s been in Texarkana and I’m not allowed to make decisions. For the time being we’ll be staying with my parents, using Connor, our 3-year-old, as a bargaining chip. They live in far North Dallas, Spring Creek neighborhood. Amenities include a fully-stocked refrigerator, satellite television and free childcare.

Price Range:
If we’re buying, maybe $150k (I’m a journalist), but we’re still sitting on the fence on the rent-buy question.

I’m sure Megan will find one.

Why are you moving?
Job. If you don’t read Unfair Park, then you should.

Where are you moving from?
Texarkana. The city’s motto is “Twice as nice,” presumably a reference to the fact that Texarkana is in fact two municipalities on either side of the state line. Twice as nice as what exactly is an open question.

So, you’re going to be rubbing elbows with Jim Schutze. Nervous? Do you think he keeps his shotgun hidden in his desk drawer?
Jim carries his shotgun everywhere. Story meeting? Shotgun. Trinity toll road hearing? Shotgun. But once you get past the gruff, shotgun-wielding exterior, he’s a teddy bear, albeit one who is extremely cynical about local government. For example: On my second day, as I chatted with Councilwoman Angela Hunt and a concerned citizen at said toll road hearing, he strolled up and introduced himself as my father. We all chuckled, though I had to correct the concerned citizen when he began discussing “your dad’s first book.” (aka The Accommodation, Schutze’s masterwork on Dallas race relations).

OK, back on topic: What are you looking for in a home?
Me? A roof, walls, and a kegerator. Which might point to why I’m not allowed to make decisions.

When it comes to choosing a house, what’s a deal-breaker for you?
When Megan says she hates it.

What shocked you about the search?
Real estate in Texarkana is, believe it or not, much less expensive than in Dallas, so even though we were only away for two years, it’s painful to contemplate how much more we’ll be paying.

What pleased you?
Considering I haven’t done much actual searching, it’s been really, really easy.

So far in your house hunt, what have you learned?
I actually think I have it pretty well figured out: Let the wife do it. Everyone’s happier that way.