3628 Mockingbird Lane

3628 Mockingbird Lane is ready for its close-up!

Remember the movie Father of The Bride? Whether you saw the original Spencer Tracy version or the Steve Martin remake, one thing has remained constant — the look of that iconic house. The white, two-story colonial with green shutters is the quintessential all-American family home.

So when we saw 3628 Mockingbird Lane  pop up in new listings, we did a double take, and then a little research. Sure enough, it could be the stunt double for either of the original movie locations. And oddly enough, one of those California homes, 500 N. Almansor, in Alhamba, is also for sale. In fact, it just went pending — so be glad you live in Dallas and still have a shot at owning this Mockingbird Lane colonial with star power potential. (more…)

Barry Lacina

Barry Lacina

This is Barry Lacina, and he’s a guy you really want to know if you have a mansion because he can make it famous.

Barry is a TV/Film location manager, who is currently working on an ABC studios pilot produced by Meaghan Oppenheimer and Reese Witherspoon. (Yes, THE Reese Witherspoon from Legally Blonde.)

Barry was also the location manager on the DALLAS series when it was on TNT. He found all the houses used in the series, including one I’m dying to show you on Shadywood.