Father Of The Bride

We’re Writing Our Vows For This Mockingbird Lane Colonial with Star Power Potential

By Karen Eubank / June 20, 2016 / 0 Comments
3628 Mockingbird Lane

  Remember the movie Father of The Bride? Whether you saw the original Spencer Tracy version or the Steve Martin remake, one thing has remained constant — the look of that iconic house. The white, two-story colonial with green shutters is the quintessential all-American family home. So when we saw 3628 Mockingbird Lane  pop up […]

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Friday Five Hundred: “Someone Call Steve Martin and Diane Keaton, Here’s Another ‘Father of The Bride’ House!”

By Joanna England / November 9, 2012 / 0 Comments

I love it when readers send us listings they fall in love with because they’ll see things and notice things that I might not have picked up on. There are a lot of real estate addicts in Dallas, and getting mail from them puts a little spring in our step, especially when we end up […]

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