Every summer in Texas, there’s a collective groan as people start getting their electricity bills. It can be downright painful to shell out hundreds of dollars to cool our homes and fuel appliances, devices, and energy-eating apparatuses.

A Houston-based technology company called Energy Ogre is taking aim at high electricity prices using an innovative approach. They take advantage of the deregulated Texas market to actively monitor thousands of offers and match them to a consumer’s actual electricity usage, resulting in maximum savings.

This process happens continually. Energy Ogre updates both electricity offers and customer usage daily to make a match that means big bucks off bills.

Just what kind of money are we talking about? The average Energy Ogre member saves over 40 percent on their electricity bill, says Energy Ogre CEO Jesson Bradshaw. All for about the cost of a monthly Netflix membership.

“The Texas electricity market was deregulated in January 2002, which gave consumers tons of options for choosing a provider, but not a lot of people got a primer of what the rules were and how to take best advantage of them,” Bradshaw said. “We started Energy Ogre because folks weren’t getting the benefits of deregulation.”