Elliot Gould. Sigh.

Thought you saw some celebs zipping around town this weekend? It was movie week in Dallas, and film lovers enjoyed great screenings at the Angelika from the 42nd annual USA Film Festival, the city’s oldest festival, notably a restored digital print of Marcel Carné’s Children of Paradise, the original True Grit (with Kim Darby in attendance), and a screening of the beloved The Princess Bride, part of a tribute to Rob Reiner, also in attendance.

My signature, of course, was The Queen of Versailles, the story of a billionaire family and their financial challenges in the wake of the housing bust in Florida (imagine that!) and their construction of the largest house in America, the 90,000 square foot “Versailles”. To give you a perspective, the house would be about two Champ d’Or’s put together, or three of what Dr. Malouf is confabulating over on Strait Lane. (I did not yet screen the movie because I hosted the after party, but a copy is en route and I will review for you toote suite!)

With Realtor Ben Jones

Last night, I really enjoyed  Dorfman, starring Elliot Gould, a festival honoree who I had the pleasure of meeting. Have always thought he rocked! His performance in Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice is one of my all-time faves. DORFMAN, Gould’s newest, is a must-see. It’s a charming romantic yarn centering on Deb (Deborah) Dorfman, played by Sara Rue, who is looking for love while living with her Jewish family in the Valley (San Fernando). Am trying to draw parallels to a comparable Dallas neighborhood — Plano? North Dallas?  Her father is a depressed widower played brilliantly by Gould. Her brother is the typical golden boy of the family, head of their family CPA firm. The script chronicles Deb’s moving out of the family house literally and figuratively, as she discovers herself and love in the process. The characters are rich and the lines will keep you laughing. I came away with ALMOST a “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” feel, almost. I hope this movie makes it to theaters soon and when it does, please go see it.

With Realtor Scott Carlson

Met the writer Wendy Kout as well as the producer, Leonard Hill and his lovely wife at the stunning home of Reagan and Feaff Fearon. (It is a tradition of the USA FF that after-screening parties are held in private homes to honor film makers, writers, actors and guests.) When they learned of my blog and obsession with real estate, Leonard and Elliot both commented on Dallas housing and said they totally get my sickness:

“You have so many beautiful varieties of housing here, each more beautiful than the next,” said Leonard. “And how wonderful that you host us in your homes!”

The 2012 festival is now history, and if you thought this year’s schedule was awesome, well, in the words of Al Jolson, “you ain’t seen nothing yet!”