It’s that time of the year when we wonder why we have pools. Because, right about now, they are all like bathtubs.

I’m not a cold water gal. I actually LIKE my pool in May, June and July when I can just walk right in without a “period of adjustment”. But come August, it seems the pool is only a few degrees cooler than the air and hardly worth getting my hair wet. It must be about 90 degrees.

So tonight we were talking about pool chillers. I want to know if anyone out there has one, how they work, how they like it, and whether we should all get a pool chiller along with a Texas drivers license!

By the way, this is the gorgeous infinity pool over at Veruschka and Thomas Dundon’s 13,556 square foot home overlooking Northwest Highway built in 2007, with a swim park, indoor-outdoor tennis courts, baseball diamond, automate batting cage, a putting green, go-cart track, stocked pond, this pool, and and indoor and outdoor slide from the first floor right into the family room. Oh the kids rooms also have gymnasium floors and baseketball hoops. The home is valued at $10,250,000.