This house is the Granot Loma lodge, and it has (probably) both moose and squirrel in it. Maybe.

Hey, do you want to buy a lodge? A really, really big lodge? What if we told you it’s been on the market since 2015? What if we told you that it was initially listed for $40 million, but had a price reduction last year and can now be yours for a cool 20 million American dollars?

Meet Granot Loma, a 26,000-square-foot house with 5,000 acres of woodlands and a private marina in Marquette, Michigan. It first made a few waves in 2015 when it was listed for $40 million. While the first year saw it in the hands of a Realtor, it’s since for sale by owner and has had a 50 percent price reduction since. (more…)