Wait, you actually PAY for lunch? Have you not heard of RealEstateLunchBox.com?  Why pay when you can eat free every single Dallas real estate day?

Keith Yonick, agent extraordinaire with Prudential, is the genius behind the site. He wanted to organize free real estate Realtor lunches after the inspiration of one Dan Yoder, a Bill Griffin agent. The site has grown to be so popular that a New York City agent named Mrs. Rosen called Keith and told him she was the Dan Yoder of New York and wants to start a similar site in New York.

“Darling,” she said in a deep “New Yowk” acccent, “I haven’t paid for lunch in 17 years. ”

If you know anything about the real estate biz, you know that Realtors love free food. You also know that to market homes, agents needs to publicize the beejesus out of them. And they need to get other agents in the house to sell it. What a better way to combine two birds with one stone: have a “chat and chew”, where agents tour a property and hear about it’s unique features over turkey sandwiches or (everyone’s favorite) The Hamburger Man? I’ve been to a LOT of these (bloggers like free food even more than Realtors) and they have another benefit, which part of the gameplan: you show off the entertainment flow of a home.

Keith says: “The agents are satiated in body and mind. Agents are more likely to show their buyers the properties where they had a good meal.”

Totally subliminal.

Flashback: Before the site, there was no way for Realors to know about the free lunches the properties. Oh, maybe you got a message through your office or a flyer on blue paper or something.

Then came Dan Yoder.

In the late 1990’s, Dan was was Mr. Lunch in-the-know. He always knew the Hamburger Man was on Purdue, Kathleens was doing Turtle Creek. Dan became  a sort of luncheon brain central, collecting and handing out brochures or announcements to fellow agents. Marketing lunches became his niche, a profitable one: he sold about 70 percent of his listings via real estate luncheons.

Then in in 2003, a fellow agent gave Dan a leather binder to track and collect his lunch fliers. His reward: a free lunch every day that week, with Dan. Keith Yonick is the brain who finally said, this should be a website. That’s when he launched realestatelunchbox.com, the first online forum for Dallas real estate agents to post, track and even learn how to plan luncheons and events all designed to motivate property sales. Are you thinking what I’m thinking: yeppers, got a link to the site coming on right here on CandysDirt. I never want you to pay for lunch again!