Photo: Dallas Builders Association

Photo: Dallas Builders Association

Classic Urban Homes is having an incredible year!  They are finalists in the 2016 ARC Awards in seven categories, including Custom Builder of the Year, and this past weekend they were able to hand over the keys of a new mortgage-free home to a wounded U.S. Army veteran and his family. How are they able to do so much and give back at the same time? A very dedicated staff that believes in teamwork.

Jane and Michael Turner started Classic Urban Homes in 2005 to offer “Building for the way people really live.” Not only do they use this philosophy with every custom and speculative home they build, it was also their mission statement when designing and building this home for the Sackett family. (more…)


Rogers Healy is known to attract clients with some celebrity status. Part of that is due to his rugged good looks and ubiquitous T shirts. He also hustles like crazy when it comes to his brokerage. The brand has made Healy a frequent visitor on network TV, though he still posts on the local Facebook yard sale pages, eliciting quite a few LOLs.

But what if the brokerage harnessed that power of celebrity and personality for good? That’s what Realtors Alex Prins and Ryan Schwartz aim to do with Adopt Fashion.