Hoarder Kitchen

Our post earlier this week ignited quite the discussion on listing photography and what is appropriate for MLS. Of course, we love agents on CandysDirt.com, and our post was only a critique of the photos, not the listing agent. Still, a reader noted that:

We do not know the circumstances (could be tenant occupied, could be an estate, could be someone that has to sell asap, etc.) and we do not know the instructions given to the agent.

On that same post, a different reader adds:

Let’s just all agree that sometimes no pictures are better than pictures! We do not know what the situation is with the seller, but the agent obviously posted these pictures and this really is a NO NO.

So I want to know this: in what situations are listing photos that feature a sink full of dirty dishes OK?

The agent of the property (which we didn’t mention in our post because, again, we’re talking photos, not agents, and we are certain that this agent was doing what he could to get the property sold), informed us in the comments that even with the photos, this home had seven offers without a single client stepping foot in the house. How about that?!

So, what’s your opinion? Are cluttered photos OK in some cases, or are no photos better than bad pictures?

Before you take that shot of the master bath, put the toilet lid down!

Apparently, leaving the toilet seat up when photographing a home’s bathroom is enough to get some Realtors’ dander up.

And don’t dare leave cars parked in front of your listing when taking a photo. Or leave the television on. That’s another big one.

Personally? I can’t stand to see smudged and dirty mirrors.

So, tell me, what’s your biggest no-no when it comes to a property listing?