The May 2010 D Magazine cover story alleges that Museum Tower is ruining the Arts District.

UPDATE: You can read the words behind the headline on D Magazine’s website.

The tagline of the May 2012 cover story of D Magazine says it all: “How arrogance and greed made Museum Tower a threat to the heart of Dallas.”

Eesh. That’s pretty harsh.

The cover, which D Magazine editor Tim Rogers gave Twitter a sneak peek of yesterday, has a photo showing the glare bouncing off of Museum Tower at 3 p.m. According to the cutline, it’s a strong as “two and a half Suns.”

Knowing Rogers and the D Magazine staff, I’m sure there was a ton of research behind this story. If you’ll remember, Michael Granberry at the DMN wrote a story (paywalled, but worth a read) about the same issue. In Candy’s post covering the issue, she wrote:

Well, the Nasher Sculpture Center says it’s the newly installed glass at Museum Tower that’s frying up their gardens and art. The glass is sleek and curved and reflects the sun just so efficiently — too efficiently — that the Nasher folks claim the building’s oval shape actually “directs the glare from its exterior into the Nasher galleries.”

So, Museum Tower is allegedly damaging a museum. I know the irony is not lost on any of our readers. Anyone else curious how “greed” and “arrogance” come into play?

This whole episode reminds me of my childhood. You see, the face of Museum Tower is convex, not unlike a magnifying glass. My brother, like all sadistic little boys do, took a magnifying glass to ants ambling across our parents’ driveway.

Except, the magnifying glass in this case is a 42-story highrise, and the ants are priceless artworks collected by one of Dallas’ most beloved benefactors.

Something tells me this won’t end well.