Brian's TeethBrian Davis is one of my fave people. The man knows real estate and when he put his last home on the market, I almost moved to Oak Cliff. Remember this puppy? It was just so DAMN cute! Seriously, I could have eaten that home.

Well, Brian is at it again. He just found a home in Wynnewood, 2200 square feet built in 1959 on 1/2 an acre on — are you ready? — a two and one-half acre lake. A treasure nestled just south of downtown Dallas, Wynnewood North is among the best values in Dallas, sporting well-designed, high-quality mid century modern homes by noted designers such as Bud Oglesby and Oschner Hare & Hare. One of Oglesby’s earliest contemporary homes is on Bizerte Drive.

Wynnewood was developed by Dallas oilman Angus Wynne Jr., who acquired the land from his uncle Toddie Lee Wynne Sr. and American Home Realty Company during the post-World War II building boom. Most homes were built in the 1950’s. Wynnewood became the first “packaged” suburb in Dallas, and Brian says the streets are all named after World War II items: Angus really wanted to sell to the vets. At the time, popular homes were remote from the inner city, and people here walked or bicycled from home to shopping, though one early settler tells me many people would drive from store store at Wynnewood Center. Such is America’s love affair with the automobile! This home was a one-owner home, that owner being a Connie Davis.

11895474_3_1 11895474_2_1 11895474_1_1 11895474_5_1 11895474_7_1 11895474_9_1Brian says there are about 15 homes on the lake and he truly thinks he has found nirvana.

Oh but well, he found something else, too. While beginning the clean up/renovation process on his home — those of us who have done this sort of thing know the fun of Friday and Saturday nights spent scrubbing corners with a toothbrush, scraping or painting– what did he find?

Connie’s gold teeth in a jar in the bathroom cabinet.

What interesting things have previous homeowners left behind in your home or listing?