ClubLocal_ipad-photos1Spring is trying to tease us here in Dallas. Great 60 degree days, then whamo, freezing cold nights. And the Dallas housing market is really gearing up. In case you haven’t heard, we are almost a Seller’s market! That means it’s time to get your home ready to sell even if you plan on staying put!

bad chimney bad home inspection photoAnd ClubLocal is here to help. So many people ask me for names of great homes services companies — electricians, plumbers. Now I don’t need a Rolodex, I just say “Club Local”. Just like Equinox prepares us for bikini season (um, cough), ClubLocal is preparing homes for sale. Or spring.

Think of ClubLocal as a fitness trainer for your home.

Garbage-Can-Sinks-274x300 bad home inspection photo -fanAs a real estate blogger, homeowner and previous times five seller, I realize the task list to get a home ready for market can be daunting. It’s clearly the least fun thing about selling a home, well, next to actually moving. So why…why put yourself through the headache and hassle of Googling/Angieslisting/Askingeveryoneyouknow when there’s a one stop shop for everything you need?

ClubLocal’s got it all!

For example:

  • Home Inspection: Home Inspection, of course, the first step before selling a home, and prevents unpleasant surprises! Savvy sellers go ahead and spring (pardon my pun) for a home inspection prior to listing so buyers won’t have any surprises. Helps with realistic pricing, too.
  • Cleaning: Window cleaning, pressure washing (sidewalk, pool, driveways & houses), carpet cleaning (a MUST if there are pets) & house cleaning gets a house spic and span. Show me a home on the market with dirty windows, I’ll show you a home that will be listed ’till the cows come home.
  • Handymen & Electricians: Hire a handyman to hang curtain rods, install doors or patch up drywall.  Ha — hire him to hang pictures in front of a rough area! Electricians can install lights & ceiling fans or just make sure all outlets and light switches are behaving properly.
  • Are those three-pronged switches really grounded or are we trying to fool somebody? True story: we just looked at a house for my daughter, and all the outlets were three-pronged, or grounded on the wall. Not true, said the electrician inspector: 27 misleading outlets were not properly wired to be grounded. It is imperative, imperative to have a pre-owned home’s electrical system checked out thoroughly!

What say? You are not selling. It never hurts to get a jump-start on your spring cleaning and house tune-up! Besides, with the market this frenetic, you’ll get the “Let’s Move” bug up your bonnet soon, very soon.

Happy Spring, Dallas!


ClubLocal_ipad-photos1Don’t you just love it when you know WHAT’S IN THE SAUSAGE? Even better, how much it all cost?

We all can price shop for that pair of shoes or dress online, but we have no clue what home repair services should cost – until it’s too late and we’ve been (to put it nicely) duped. There is little to no pricing transparency when it comes to local services.

Ah, but that is all changing, thanks to this miracle of a company I have been telling you about, ClubLocal. This week, I had lunch with Ron Corning and Tara Harper and when I told them about CL, they got so excited. This place is like one-stop shopping for home repair.

Well, here’s a little early Valentine’s gift for you. ClubLocal’s new infographic and pricing pages remove the guesswork for consumers by disclosing actual invoices from jobs booked through ClubLocal. Yep, that means you will know exactly what your neighbor paid for his A/C repair.
ClubLocal: The real cost of homeownership

In case you have been in Siberia or just had the flu,  ClubLocal offers home services with one click or tap of the finger (on your iPhone or iPad). This is a great resource for Realtors and homeowners looking to spruce up their home for spring showings.

Welcome to the 21st century!