I had to come to San Francisco, had to see them for myself. Eight years ago I attended this conference by mistake, and it made me to see the writing on the wall not only in real estate, but print journalism. This is the conference that inspired me to start a blog called DallasDirt and, ultimately, my own And here we are.

So it was very cool to see one of the Golden Guys of Dallas real estate, Clay Stapp, standing tall in Start-Up Alley with his partner, James Bohan-Pitt, rocking it at Real Estate Connect 2015 and showing off HipPocket. Connect is the industry’s premier tech event of the year, and it gathers top agents, brokers, mortgage companies, industry leaders, inspiration and ideas from the best and brightest (Spencer Rascoff to Ryan O’Hara to Barbara Corcoran to Pete Flynt to Guy Kawasaki) with a focus on technology. Because technology is what has traumatized changed the industry. Entrepreneurs from across the spectrum display their latest tech inventions to make agents’ and brokers’ lives easier and yeah, to maybe catch the attention of some Silicon Valley seed money.

But there is always a twist: (more…)

We told you just over a week ago that Trey McCann moved over to manage/run the office at Clay Stapp and Associates down on Cedar Springs. I had heard that things would be cooking very fast as in rapid expansion of CSCO agents. No sooner do I hit send than I hear the lovely Teresa Barthlow has up and left Ebby and signed on at Clay’s hot Uptown. This from the man who did the impossible: found a buyer for Champ D’Or. I mean, who’s coming over next? Stay very, very tuned… because I hear…