I need to get in touch with assistant city manager Joey Zapata and check out his new digs in Oak Cliff. Zapata moved out of a cush suburban home and into the city, buying a 1949 vintage home in El Tivoli Place in North Oak Cliff. I read his guest column last week in the City of Dallas “10 Seeds of Change” newsletter. It caught my eye, but truth be told, Rudy Bush over at the Dallas Morning News beat to me to reporting on it. It all came full circle today when someone asked me about city noise living on Hillcrest Road. I love what Jimmy said about living in the city, and I quote him herewith:

“Living in an urban city means learning to get along in a more crowded, more diverse community. A car horn in the morning for a shared ride, or the occasional music from a nearby party. But there are also neighbors walking the neighborhood and stopping to say hello; there are brimming opportunities for shopping and dining nearby; and so much history. And so many people that understand the true value of the place we call home.”

El Tivoli Entrance

Here’s a Hewitt and Habgood listing in El Tivoli Place at $197,000 that is awesome and a perfect future Tuesday $200k: 2526 Wedglea Drive.

1600 square feet, two bedrooms, two baths, loft-style newer construction with fabulous treed creek views. Interiors done up pretty nice, over-sized shower, granite counters, walk-in closets. Loft area overlooking 2-story living room,  tons of windows, granite kitchen counters and hardwood floors. The pool is a community pool (no maintenance! yeah!) and there is a doggie park. Now this is NOT Joey’s place, but he’s sure got me wanting to go check out his new pad.