weirdWhen you’ve spent almost two years writing about the weird (and sometimes wonderful) things in the world, you get a bit of a reputation. And then because of that reputation, people send you emails with suggestions of things to write about.

And suddenly, you’ve become a hoarder of WTF. Your virtual mailbox becomes this thing with a life of its own, and you find yourself faced with a real dilemma — start throwing things away, or come up with a solution.

So this week, we’re going to clear out the old mailbag of weird so I can get to WTF inbox zero for exactly 15 minutes. Ready to read? Let’s go. (more…)

You get this view. And 55 cats.

Hey guys do you like Greece? Do you like cats? Do you like lots of cats at once? Do you like free rent and Greece and lots of cats?

Have we got the Wednesday WTF for you.

Now, first off I have to say that I am not team cat. I’m team dog all the way, even though mine likes to take my underwear out to the backyard and fling it around when he’s angry. Dogs are happy to see you when you get home. Dogs protect you from other animals even if they’re on the TV. Dogs are happy if you just pet them, or throw an object, or pretend to throw an object.

The only two times I lived with cats, one trapped me in my own bathroom and later locked me out of my apartment, and the other liked to try to kill me pretty much all the time. I’m sure some of you have had different experiences with cats and some of my favorite people love cats, but once one of God’s precious creatures tries to off me, I tend to hold a grudge.


RealtorNobody starts housing hunting thinking, “You know, I think I want a house that smells like a giant litter box,” but that’s what one Florida couple says they got with their home purchase — all thanks to the Realtor that listed it.

Newlyweds Daniel McKay and Katherine Pulker closed on their home in Valrico, Florida, in April. According to the suit they filed in Hillsborough Circuit Court on July 20 (sidebar: Hillsborough Circuit Court, I love your case lookup, Dallas and everyone else, please review this because yeah, way better), everything seemed fine until they removed the plug-in air fresheners.



Wednesday WTF

Don’t get catty – while this house looks normal on the outside, there’s plenty of Wednesday WTF on the inside. We promise.

We’ve been doing these Wednesday WTF features for a few weeks now and we think this is the first to render the writer nearly catatonic.

If you like cats, you’re in luck with this home in Concho, Ariz. If you don’t, this Wednesday WTF may disturb you.

But join us right meow over on, won’t you?