Brokers & agents are invited to a CandysDirt Staff Party event at 5350 South Dentwood July 19, from 3 to 5 pm. Brokers & agents are welcome to bring prospective buyers back to the property from 5 to 7 pm that same day. RSVP’s are being taken at 214-543-9990.

In 1951, when Dallas was still learning to embrace the midcentury modern design movement, oilman Grady Vaughn, Jr. commissioned architect Robert Goodwin of Goodwin & Cavitt to design his waterfront dream home in what we now call the honeypot of Preston Hollow. The home is 9,500 square feet with six bedrooms, seven and a half baths, several living areas on one of the most heavily treed lots in this majestic part of town. The acreage is unbelievable: 1.36 acres that include a serene swimming pool and a large private pond.

5350 South Dentwood was designed to serpentine throughout the lush property, meandering alongside the pond on the Straight Branch tributary, weaving through and around original trees. Buildings developed for their sites have an inherent connection, and you feel it intensely walking around the Vaughn House setting.

The home briefly came to market in the spring when it first became available.  Now, it is back, offered for $5,500,000 from the original list price of $6,900,000, with some very serious sellers behind it.


Woodson extDarren Woodson recently picked up a stunning new home built by The Hill Group with clean lines and walls of glass dubbed an “architecturally detailed farmhouse”. The home is located on Boca Raton west of Preston, Boca being one of my favorite silly street names: Mouth of the Rat! Silly, but not the worst name. The worst street name I have ever heard is my own son’s address in California: Alameda de las Pulgas or Street of the fleas! My God, we had fleas once and it was not pretty. Why anyone would think fleas are a suitable name for a street, which is actually a pretty street on the Peninsula.

I digress, sorry. So on June 15 the Woodson’s picked up this beauty, paid about $1.8 for complete new construction. The walls of glass have views of the .38 acre’s mature trees and large green backyard.

Dallas Cowboys' defensive back Darren Woodson listens during pre-game festivites on Sunday, Sept. 23, marking the first NFL games since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania on Sept. 11. The Cowboys hosted the San Diego Chargers. BILLY CALZADA/SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS

Photo Courtesy San Antonio Express News


The spec house at 6115 Desco Dr. will look similar to this. Photo courtesy Shoot2Sell.

The spec house at 6115 Desco Dr. will look similar to this, also built by LRO Residential Development.

Spec homes are a sign of strong builder and bank confidence in a market, as they are created without any specific buyer in mind, just the belief that one will be interested once it is completed. The higher the price tag, the higher the stakes.

In our inventory-parched market, homebuilder Les Owens, President of LRO Residential Development, has that confidence in the Dallas market, even at multi-million-dollar levels. He’s starting two spec houses this month, one in Preston Hollow for $3.15 million, and another in Devonshire for $2.2 million.

Both houses are available for customization, but Owens is breaking ground now and says he will complete them in late summer/early fall this year.

As we reported earlier this month, luxury home sales in Dallas-Fort Worth skyrocketed in 2014—those with prices of $1 million and up grew 15 percent year-over-year, the second highest sales volume in Texas (bested only by Houston).

Luxury home sales in DFW represented 1.2 percent of the market, and top-performing luxury brands are seeing more multi million-dollar sales in areas that have strong resale value and high existing demand.

“Established neighborhoods and homes of significance in coveted areas such as Highland Park, Preston Hollow, Greenway Parks, and The Volk Estates are desperately pursued, and the quality of the design continues to be a driving factor,” said Caroline Summers, a Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s agent. Jump to read about the houses and see photos!


Full disclosure: I bought a carton of cigarettes, Natty Light and Cheerios as a Housewarming Gift! Now it’s the latest rage…

As we have been telling you, those boys who love to build and remodel homes are moving into Preston Hollow, my ‘hood. And I could not be more deeeelighted! If Sunday night was any indication of how we will be rocking the ‘hood, let me tell you Preston Hollow home values just notched up the indicator charts and the hottest Welcome Wagon gift for your new neighbor is Cheerios, Natty Light and a carton of cigarettes.

Tim, Justin and I made arrangements to rendez-vous at THEE HOUSE on Azaela so I could see progress with my very own eyes. I was so excited, and of course a very fine pinot noir was involved. I said I would come over at 6:00 p.m. after my faithful work-out class at Cooper Aerobics Center, which I only miss for God and my deathbed. 5:45 p.m. I am finishing up at Cooper,  I get a text from Tim and Justin:
So like any good neighbor, I proceed to Tom Thumb Preston Forest to pick up the goods. I had to ask the store manager where they keep the “Natty Light”, and then had no idea how to buy cigarettes, haven’t bought them in years. Like, do you have to give a tissue scan of your lungs now? You totally should.  Would putting this purchase on my Rewards Card alert my insurance company — now there’s an idea. Big Brother is not just watching, he’s increasing your rates if you buy and puff!

And then, I thought, why was I buying cigarettes to promote a bad habit? This totally took me back a few years to when my kids were teenagers. Do I let them drink alcohol at home? Shall I do to Justin what I did to my daughter when I caught her smoking: take her and friends to hear Tobacco whistle blower Jeffrey Wigand, who told them no tobacco company executives smoke cigarettes.

(Where is Wigand these days, anyhow?)

This prompted a lecturing text to Justin: “I hate buying cigarettes you should really quit smoking”.

But of course he’s a big boy, I bought them. More texts: they were wanting to know WTF I was? Where I was, dearest new neighbors, was buying your GD contraband! I told them to go ahead and eat, we could meet at Mi Cocina: one of the great bennies of Preston Hollow living is a myriad of restaurants and grocery stores, where so many samples are handed out you could probably eat for free every day of the week, including that free slice of turkey to “taste” it.

(Who actually says no, this turkey tastes like dog butt, so slice me up another.)

I self-check out, load up the stuff, and head over to Mi Cocina… or Mi Micro as Justin’s iphone auto-corrected. I walk around the place a bit in my gorgeously sweaty post-work out attire and hair, and finally find Tim and Justin! Yeah!

So I’ve got all your stuff in the car, I say, but really, red Marlborough Lights? You have to quit smoking. Such a disgusting habit. I cannot believe I actually bought cigarettes! And you owe me $60 bucks!!!

Wait, says Justin, you BOUGHT those things? We were totally kidding you!


But what about the Natty Light — I got a 30 pack to celebrate…


I was laughing so hard the entire restaurant was staring at us.

Well, I said, at least I got the Cheerios right!