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Light Farms is a new home development in Celina that has been making waves for it’s community style and amenities. Still, many developers are slow to pull the trigger on new homes despite high demand.

Last week’s National Association of Real Estate Editors spring conference in Houston hosted a home building panel featuring Metrostudy’s Brad Hunter, David Weekley Homes CEO John Johnson, and Trendmaker Homes CEO Will Holder. While the panel was supposed to discuss the “boom” in homebuilding, the end result was a dissection of what fuels (or what’s not fueling, to be more precise) home building in America, and the takeaway was what trends and features consumers expect from home builders in the 21st century.


I am honored to say that just named Second Shelters (and yours truly) on it’s list of the 50 Best Blogs to read when getting into Real estate. I am so honored! The list is comprehensive and great — and you’ll soon be seeing it on our newest up coming blog,!

  1. The Real Estate Grapevine: Stay up to date on real estate news through the Real Estate Grapevine.
  2. AGBeat: Agent Genius takes a look at real estate trends.
  3. AOL Real Estate: Candy Evans is a real estate reporter and blogger discussing secondary homes and more.
  4. ActiveRain: ActiveRain is a real estate network offering news and resources.
  5. Clean Slate Blog: Better Homes and Gardens shares insights into the real estate industry on this blog.
  6. OnBlog: OnBoard discusses the art and science of information in real estate and beyond on this blog.
  7. Real Estate Cafe: Real Estate Cafe shares money-saving services for home buyers and sellers.
  8. Altos Research: Altos Research shares a look into the real estate market.
  9. Property Grunt: Property Grunt takes a look at the information and commentary in the real estate market.
  10. Voices of Real Estate: Voices of Real Estate takes a look at the current state of real estate.
  11. AOL Real Estate: AOL shares updates from the world of real estate on this blog.
  12. Dr. Housing Bubble: Dr. Housing Bubble shares a candid look at today’s housing market.
  13. Bubble Meter: Bubble Meter keeps an eye on the housing bubble in the US.
  14. Zillow Blog: Zillow shares real estate market stats, news, and other information for real estate.
  15. The Real Estate Beat: The Real Estate Beat has expertise and discussions from leading real estate companies of the world.
  16. Economists’ Outlook: This blog features statistics, data, and more from real estate economists.
  17. Info Central: Info Central discusses resources and information for the real estate community.
  18. Real Estate Undressed: Larry Cragun discusses real estate, mortgages, and common sense on this blog.
  19. Paper Economy: Paper Economy is a US real estate bubble blog.
  20. Real Estate Industry Watch: This blog offers up to the minute real estate news.
  21. Trulia Blog: Trulia Blog covers celebrity homes, eye candy, the real estate industry, and more.
  22. HomeGain: HomeGain shares commentary from industry professionals including real estate agents and brokers.
  23. Your Property Path: Find news and updates on the real estate market on Your Property Path.

Finance & Appraisal

These blogs have everything from appraisals to investing.

  1. Real Estate Blog: The Real Estate Blog has resources for real estate investing and more.
  2. Bigger Pockets Blog: The Bigger Pockets Blog takes a look at real estate investing.
  3. REI Club: Real estate investors can learn about the business from this blog.
  4. Appraisal Insight: Appraisal Insight is a great place to read about real estate appraisal news.
  5. Appraisal Scoop: Stay on top of appraisals with the help of this blog.

Local & Home Watch

Keep up with these blogs to follow local and specialty housing trends.

  1. Second Shelters: Second Shelters takes a look at the market for second homes.
  2. the FrontSteps: theFrontSteps shares real estate gossip, news, and insight in San Francisco.
  3. Resort Life: Resort Life discusses news and events for the second home market.
  4. Swamplot: Learn about Houston’s real estate landscape by reading Swamplot.
  5. The Real Estalker: The Real Estalker is obsessed with celebrity homes.
  6. Localism: Localism offers a complete guide to the world’s neighborhoods.
  7. New Geography: New Geography takes a look at the economic, demographic, and political commentary about places.
  8. Curbed LA: Study LA neighborhoods and real estate with Curbed LA.
  9. Menifee Homes: This blog offers a homebuyer’s guide to Menifee, CA and the US.
  10. Real Estate Communities Learn about real estate communities, marketing ideas, and other issues in real estate from REC.
  11. Curbed: Study interior decor, design, and real estate around the US on Curbed.

Business & Marketing

Reading these blogs will help you better develop your business and marketing.

  1. Leadership Lab: Leadership Lab discusses leadership for the future of real estate.
  2. Real Estate Marketing Blog: The Real Estate Marketing Blog offers marketing tips and ideas for real estate websites.
  3. 1000Watt Blog: Read the 1000Watt Blog to find out about marketing and innovation in real estate.
  4. Real Estate Relativity: Real Estate Relativity takes a look at media and innovation in the real estate industry.
  5. Point2M: Point2 discusses real estate, marketing, and software on this blog.
  6. Future of Real Estate Marketing: Read this blog to learn about the future of real estate marketing.
  7. The Source: the Source shares information for commercial real estate.
  8. Build Real Estate Results: Check out this blog for web centric real estate marketing.
  9. BloodhoundBlog: Bloodhound Blog discusses real estate marketing and technology.
  10. Real Estate Marketing SEO Blog: Accelerate your online marketing of real estate using this blog.
  11. Sellsius: Learn about cool tools and real estate marketing on Sellsius.