EBTH Dallas general manager Natalie Childers Hacker sat down with CandysDirt.com executive editor Joanna England for a live chat at their grand opening Oct. 30. (Courtesy Photo)

The idea behind EBTH, which stands for Everything But The House, is pretty straightforward. As you downsize, you’re often left with scores of new belongings that won’t fit in your new digs. The traditional estate sale model can be laborious, even with full-service sales that take over your home for a day or two. And what do you do with all of the stuff that doesn’t sell, or with hard-to-price collectibles? That’s where EBTH comes in.

For a business that deals in a high volume of very unique items, EBTH runs a very tight ship. As general manager Natalie Childers Hacker explained to me, everything is handled — from the initial walk-through, to pick up and delivery of auction items, to donations, to hauling away junk — by EBTH’s relationship managers. These bright and brave representatives of EBTH hold the client’s hand through the entire ordeal, making it very painless to divest of your collectibles, furnishings, and art. 


Get ready for the bargain of the century. The Grady Vaughn house at 5350 South Dentwood, nestled deep in the heart of Preston Hollow and right across the street from former Dallas Mayor Laura Miller, started on the market at $6.9 million back in 2017. The home is on one of the most lush lots in Dallas — huge trees, a serene swimming pool that is ageless, even a private pond and rock creek. The home is a whopping 9,500 square feet built when square footage like that was a rarity.

This home is in an estate. It has only been occupied by two families, the Vaughn family that commissioned it to be designed and built, and the Allan Zidell family. In 1951, when Dallas was just beginning to embrace the midcentury modern design movement, oilman Grady Vaughn, Jr. commissioned architect Robert Goodwin of Goodwin & Cavitt to design his waterfront dream home in what we now know as the honeypot of Preston Hollow. This neighborhood commands the most expensive dirt prices in Texas, and the neighbors are a veritable Who’s Who. 5350 South Dentwood has been designated an endangered home by Preservation Dallas. The home has six bedrooms, seven and a half baths, several living areas on one of the most heavily treed lots in this majestic part of town. The acreage is unbelievable: 1.36 acres.

On February 20th, next month, this home will go to auction with a starting bid of $2.9 million!



This property in Northwest Dallas is up for auction via Hubzu.com.

This property in Northwest Dallas is up for auction via Hubzu.com.

Let’s say you’re one of the buyers vying for the mid-century home at 3631 Seguin Dr. in Northwest Dallas. This is a super-hot market, and you don’t want to miss out on bank-owned deals that can net you a pretty penny if flipped. But in most auctions you’d have to have cash on hand, ready to pay up right after you win. You’re not an institutional investor, though, and ponying up $88,000 in a matter of hours may not be an option. However, with Hubzu.com’s new buyer’s financing contingency option, you can bid on the property and secure financing after you win.

“Since 2009, institutional investors and sellers have found tremendous value using Hubzu to auction and buy homes,” said Steve Udelson, President of Altisource Online Real Estate. “Now consumers, who seek an affordable auction property but need to secure financing if they win an auction, can use Hubzu just as easily as investors who already have financing in place or pay cash. This enhancement continues to demonstrate that Hubzu is a great marketplace to transact for all qualified buyers.”


lakewood cake

The TREPAC Broker Bake off Cake from Nathan Grace featured the Lakewood Theater.

Sure, it’s snowing today, but there was a different kind of white stuff all around during yesterday’s TREPAC gathering — sugar!

According to reports, yesterday’s TREPAC East Dallas Broker Bake Off was a sweet success. The event, in which Dallas brokerages brought beautiful cakes for silent auction, was a fundraiser for the Texas Real Estate PAC, an organization that advocates for the state’s real estate professionals and homeowners.

lakewood cake 2

“As TREPAC Chair I would like to express my gratitude to the event committee led by Christina Anniboli Dewbre, to the Brokers who participated, to the agents and affiliates that donated, and to every person who made an investment today,” said Dallas City Center Realtors Director Kevin Caskey. “It was an incredible event!”


I like this! Like it even better on sale at $384,500. 3840 Northaven, listed with Lyndah Orms at Prudential. Three bedrooms, three baths, 2500 ish square feet. Was talking to an agent in Sun Valley the other day who told me how the market started moving there once a certain over-priced condo held an auction. I am obsessed with real estate auctions au current, and am researching them. In any case, people came in and looked at what were ridiculously priced $2 million condos and said, we’ll pay $650,000. Or whatever. And they sold. It was just like going into a shoe store and seeing Louboutin’s for $25. Psychological: you just start buying because it’s a deal! This ranch is updated with a deep lot and pretty pool. What kind of updates? A remote control skylight for one. Granite counters in the kitchen, new appliances. Breakfast room opens to the family room with that remote skylight, 21 seer HVAC, hardwoods and porcelain tile, Anderson windows, nice! New 40 year roof and fence and  3-car garage.