Clarke Avenue and its perpendicular adjunct, Clover Lane, seem to be charmed places, which have never waned in popularity since they were developed in the 1920s. Prized by young professionals on the move in search of a good west side address, lifelong friendships are often formed with neighbors. Several of my friends and acquaintances made strong friendships on Clover and Clarke that have endured for decades. Some move on, often to grander digs, but many stay, content with the inherent charm of the street and the ideal location — sandwiched between Rivercrest, Monticello, and the Cultural District.

In some respects the area has been a victim of its own success, with prices seemingly rising ever upward and also tempting their affluent owners into unfortunately conceived renovations. So it is a happy surprise to encounter a thoughtfully updated listing at 3824 Clarke Avenue that is truly move-in ready.



1030 Drop Tine Court

Sometimes I run across a home that has me wondering if the builder was psychic or something. The house will have some cool finish or feature that I didn’t even know I wanted, but after ogling that listing, it becomes something I can’t live without.

That’s how I felt after checking out this brand new architect-designed custom home at 10300 Drop Tine Court in Fort Worth. This home is simply gorgeous, with all the hallmarks of an expertly designed custom home as well as some cool fixtures that give this recently built home the feel of a vintage classic.

1030 Drop Tine Court Living

Totaling 3,319 with four bedrooms and three baths, this house is listed with Virginia Cook Realtors agent Debra Barrett for a more-than-fair $450,000. It was finished in 2008 and has a slew of wonderful features that will maintain their value for much longer, including a shower/dog washing station built into the utility room. If you’re looking to go greener, this home has several eco-friendly attributes as well, including upgraded windows.

1030 Drop Tine Court Utility

The kitchen is excellent for entertaining with a huge island separating the living area and providing eat-in seating. I love that the refrigerator and ovens are off to the side in a galley-type area, ensuring that guests don’t catch a gander at your collection of half-empty condiment bottles every time you reach in for a beverage. Another cool feature of the kitchen are the vintage-styled ceiling-mount light fixtures. This style was popular in the 1900s and 1920s, especially in Prairie-style and Victorian homes. With the right bulb, these fixtures will flood an area with warm light, perfect for any task or occasion. And unlike pendant fixtures, these will never get in the way of conversation.

1030 Drop Tine Court Kitchen

As you move through the home to the bedrooms, another vintage-style feature starts to jump out at you — transoms above the doors and windows. This is a cool finish that went by the wayside for reasons I still don’t understand. Transoms are a great way to allow air to circulate through a home, too, without having to leave doors standing open all the time. Another huge plus for me is the dark hand-scraped hardwood floors throughout the first floor of the home. Beautiful.

1030 Drop Tine Court Bedroom

I bet the photographer for this property was lamenting not being able to get a good angle in the master bath, because I’m sure it’s a space you want to show off in this home. Like much of the rest of the house, there is plenty of natural light coming in through the windows, one of which divides the vanities. It’s a five-piece bath with a huge walk-in closet attached — an enviable feature if there ever was one!

1030 Drop Tine Court Master Bath

Now, I think this house is perfect for a family, and that’s mostly because of the large lot size that has zero obstructions. You get prairie views from your rear windows, of which there are absolutely tons. Honestly, this house is worth the money just for the full-light doors and incredible crank windows.

1030 Drop Tine Court Backyard

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