Update 4/26/12: VIPs indeed! Laura Bush was front and center last night at the Ritz-Carlton seated right next to the Maestro himself. Pierce Allman made reference to Allie Beth’s client by recognizing her, adding that he does not like calling her “former First Lady Laura Bush” because she will always be our favorite First Lady. Here’s a link to The Van Cliburn Collection auction coming up at Christie’s

Here’s yet one more good reason to buy yourself a condo at the Residences at the Ritz-Carlton: culture. One of Texas’s favorite sons, world-acclaimed pianist Van Cliburn, will soon be selling more than 150 exceptional works of art from his personal collection at Christie’s New York. Tonight, at ze Ritz-Carlton, in Salon A,  a select few will get to hear the musical icon describe how he conquered Russia as he collected all that art. Christie’s International Real Estate, the only luxury network wholly owned by an art auction house, is hosting this special event tonight along with affiliate Allie Beth Allman & Associates and Crescent Real Estate to celebrate the sale of the collection. Yes, they are bringing in Van Cliburn himself!

“From the beginning of my concert life, I would spend my earnings from performances searching for something beautiful of timeless quality to remember different concerts in various cities,” says Van Cliburn. “I have always found throughout my life that beauty raises your consciousness and provides incalculable inspiration. I hope that some of the beauty that has inspired me for decades will find others who appreciate them as much as I always have.”

ABA has invited top clients to this ‘do, and the folks at the Ritz Residences say this is an example of the many, many haute events they offer residents right under one roof. Just another regular Thursday night!

“Many of our clients (like George W?) are eager to preview samples from Van’s marvelous collectibles, which he has acquired for several decades. We know this will be an historic event as well as fun,” says Allie Beth Allman, President, Allie Beth Allman & Associates.