Sunnybrook Estates European MansionOur Monday Morning Millionaire is a spectacular Sunnybrook Estates European mansion at 5031 Deloache Avenue. The story of this home is an example of what a small town we really have in Dallas. I always say forget the six degrees of separation theory — we have only three degrees of separation in Dallas. If you know three people, you can access everyone. Especially in luxury real estate!

I can always count on Compass Dallas to make my luxury home search easy by rolling out something exciting every Friday. Christy Berry and Alex Kaliniak just listed this wonderful Sunnybrook Estates European mansion — and that’s where our world gets small. I could not quite put my finger on the feeling I’d seen this level of detail before, but not for a long time. So, I did some digging in our archives and voila!

I’d written about the home of Robert Trown two years ago. Trown, it turns out, is the residential designer responsible for this 15,402-square-foot Sunnybrook Estates European mansion. He’s also the creative genius behind Troy Aikman’s latest residence and countless other homes of notable figures that have sworn us to secrecy.



Photo: Dan Piassick

As you enter the gorgeous grounds of this estate you’ll think you’ve stumbled into Las Alamandas –the resort on Mexico’s Pacific coast that is so private it’s the favorite haunt of the uber rich and famous. This haven of a hacienda is picture perfect in every way and although you don’t have to be famous, you’d better have a healthy bank account for this one. With a list price of $11,595,000 it’s not for the faint of financial heart but it is most definitely for the very discerning and privacy driven buyer. If you want the look and feel of a boutique luxury hideaway hotel, 4842 Brookview Drive is a secluded paradise, replete with lush gardens, breezy terraces, and best of all, its minutes from downtown. (more…)