Is our real estate market getting nuts again?  ReMax Agent Tom Branch tells me he just posted this on his blog, and it happened in Preston Hollow:

“I received a call this evening from one of my sellers. A potential buyer had showed up at her home, rang the doorbell, and asked to see the home. While this raised red flags for her, she let him into her home and showed him around.”


“The good news is that nothing happened.”

Tom, you need to have a chat with your client!

“It’s one thing to allow an agent with a keycard and who has scheduled an appointment into your home, but allowing a stranger off the street to do so could be a recipe for disaster. Buyers off the street should always be referred to your agent. Agents generally qualify potential buyers before showing homes to them. This process tends to weed out unqualified or “buyers” with other motives.”

They are lucky that lookey-loo was not one Steven Breed.