Off market listing here, so shhhh.
This one story stunner is located at The Highlands Residences, formerly known as the Palomar Residences. The building is known for its superb location to everything SMU has to offer as well as public transit to downtown Dallas and hotel amenities that are not directly below, but next door. The property also has one of the sexiest swimming pools in town.
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Dog Parks

Photo: AllieKF via a Creative Commons license

Your four-legged friend is part of the family, and what pup doesn’t love a great dog park? But how often do you see a nearby dog park listed as a feature in a residential real estate listing?

We think that unfair to Fido, so we’ve rounded up five of the best dog parks in DFW to tell you about their features and the neighborhoods within walking distance. If you want your fur baby to be as happy with your new home as you are, take notes!



This is a part of town where you could walk to NorthPark Center, if you wanted to, which you actually might want to do come the holidays. Near Park Lane and Boedecker, Windsor Park offers rambling streets, trees and even a little topography. There is a small lake a few block a2way where the neighborhood kids fish — the late Mary Kay Ash’s REAL home was in this area, on that lake. (more…)

3516 Beverly Front

This week’s Unlisted Home of the Week from The Unlisted is a home on a street that needs no introduction: Highland Park’s Beverly Drive.

But you won’t find this hot, hot home on MLS because the owners would prefer this beauty to be marketed on the down low, out of the big open marketplace full of looky-loos. Perhaps the owners are exceedingly private, or perhaps they’d rather test the waters among a more exclusive clientele. Here on CandysDirt, though, we can offer you an exclusive peek inside this incredible hip pocket UNlisted listing.

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Every week we bring you an UNLISTED home that is totally for sale. It’s just not listed in the MLS, but rather is in an agent’s hip pocket! As you recall, we broke the story on an exciting new real estate platform company called The Unlisted that is FREE for Realtors all across North Texas. It gives them a chance to trumpet their hip pocket listings, those gems that are fresh to the market and NOT in the MLS for all to peruse. What makes these homes so special? And why are they not in MLS? Some people prefer to keep the marketing and sale of their home quiet, perhaps because they are private people or they are just thinking about selling.That’s why these nuggets are so exclusive. One agent compares it to having a personal shopper at Neimans who calls you the minute the new Ralph Lauren collection comes in — you get the freshest inventory, not an old frock 90 people have tried on. (more…)



I am a biased Hollywood Heights resident, but let me tell you, those who live here LOVE our little ‘hood. Why just last night I was at a happy hour with the neighbors on my street at The Gingerman Lakewood, which included the dynamic real estate duo Amanda and Bryan Crawford of Briggs-Freeman Sotheby’s.

If you want to join this great neighborhood, here is an amazing opportunity to get a total Hollywood Heights JEWEL.

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5735 Stanford exterior We want to share our inside scoop SO we are going to treat you to to an UNLISTED property every week here on CandysDirt.com. Recall the cool new website for Realtors, only, where the hottest agents in town are posting all their hip pocket listings? Just like the private Facebook groups, The Unlisted is overflowing with gorgeous properties. We are up to our eyeballs covering the listed stuff daily, and all the news, but if you are in the market for a home, we know how you like to see everything! Turn up every stone! We’ll skim the surface, show you a few pics. Holler at us in the comments (or email) if you’d like to get hooked up with the (secret!) agent. (more…)

What do savvy sellers ask their agents in the pre-listing interview? About getting their home in the newspaper?  Ha! Only if it’s a nursing home! Smart sellers care about two things: internet exposure and —

“Do you belong to one of the top hip pocket Facebook groups in town?

Pre-sizzle seals the sale. In this white-hot market of low inventory, buyers need an agent with ESP, one who knows which homes will be listed even before their owners know it! Or at least before every other Realtor.

In Dallas, south of LBJ, that would be an agent who belongs to Real Estate Friends, a private, closed Facebook group of about 800 agents.

But now, there’s a new kid in town who wants to let ALL real estate agents join the pre-listing party.

Daylon Pereira is a top agent with Allie Beth Allman’s Urban team who has partnered with two Stanford MBA graduates to create a website for agents to share hip pockets called The Unlisted.  Already up and running in Dallas, Pereira’s team plans to open in multiple major cities from Miami to Chicago, LA, Austin, Houston, New York City, San Francisco, anywhere where real estate inventory is tighter than an East Texas tick.

“Our team has a deep knowledge of the residential real estate market. We see tremendous demand and not enough supply in the largest US cities,” says Pereira. “We see a market where privacy and exclusivity results in additional value for buyers and sellers. We see agents leveraging their networks and struggling with sub-optimal tools to find the right properties for their clients, and the right buyers for their properties. We want to give agents the modern and easy to use tools they need to be successful in this ever-changing, fast-paced environment. (more…)