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Frankly, Leo Savino is a classic perfectionist. An innovative custom homebuilder, his homes are unique creations encompassing his vast classical education, world-wide experiences, and finely tuned attention to aesthetics. Built with the highest quality and most exacting standards, Savino embraces a transitional aesthetic using level 5 and 6 building materials. He consistently designs and builds to encompass the local environment. His signature appeal is a combination of classical building sensibility and construction of high performance living environments that don’t look like any other builder’s work.

Every home has the Savino stamp of Significance.

Born and raised in Dallas, in a loving close-knit family, Savino graduated from SMU after finishing prep school. From his physician father comes his obsession with perfection, and from his mother he received his keen eye for design and detail. After graduation, he immediately began in commercial real estate, buying, selling and building. It was here he noticed the difference in the way commercial buildings were constructed, with higher standards and more sound structures, than residential.

Why not, he thought, take the standards and quality of contemporary commercial grade construction and apply it to Dallas residences?

In 2009, Significant Buildings emerged, producing award-winning homes famous in University Park, Preston Hollow, and the Park Cities.

His study of art across the world helps transition his clients dreams into beautiful realities, as he combines integrated design into what is known as the design-build process. He prides himself on being part of the process from conception of the design to move-in day. Savino has an eye for the unusual, always minding and enhancing what is naturally available. Organic materials are a priority, and Savino strives to make every room in harmony with the outdoors.

“I love exteriors and the freshness of the beauty inherent in the natural environment and always start with it as my central design element,” says Savino.

“Therefore, I build the home as if it were open to the outside, incorporating the use of light, air, and organic elements. I want to create environments that make my homeowners refreshed and at ease upon coming home – engulfing them in the intricate simplicity of their most natural surroundings.”

Beautiful examples of Leo Savino Significant homes across Dallas: 4333 Colgate, 4100 Stanhope, 3737 University, and 5415 Yolanda.