Durham Builders


4145 Travis #102 
Dallas, TX 75204 


Miles Durham fell in love with homes at an early age. With an architect for a father, Durham spent days on job sites, looking at plans, and understanding the business of building.”I have had a love and appreciation for design and construction my entire life. I have always wanted to build,” Durham said.

Today, Durham and his eponymous firm are doing just that — building what clients love. His creative approach to design and construction has earned him a cadre of loyal customers, all of whom appreciate the sound construction, beautiful finish-out, and incredible return on investment that comes with a Durham-built home.

Miles DurhamIt’s truly a family business, with Miles’ wife, Sarah, selecting finishes for both the interior and exterior of their homes. This dynamic team completed 18 projects last year, with one going from concept to completion in just six months.

Still, Durham Builders doesn’t shy from a challenge. Take 7902 Eagle Trail for example. This Lake Highlands home made Miles and Sarah stretch their creative capabilities and the results are amazing.

Miles considers this project one for the books. “This is because of the size limitations we were under,” Miles said, “and the drastic topography on the site.”

In this incredible four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bath modern home carries all the hallmarks of a Durham Builders project. Wood, plaster, and glass work in harmony to create interesting geometry and angular appeal, while clean lines and vibrant accents bring the design down to earth.

To find out more about Durham Builders and this company’s incredible portfolio of modern masterpieces built for real life, contact Miles Durham.