Think of all the blow-outs it must have taken to get this palace. From my blogging co-hort John Burgdoff, I have unearthed the ultimate place to stay for Super Bowl in Dallas: 5540 North 40 Place in North Dallas. As if this 20,000 square foot, nine bedroom home crammed full of everything wonderful¬†— media room, exercise room, spa, sauna, game room, pool, outside kitchen with pizza oven, formals, all on four fab acres, is not wonderful on its own. No, the owner has thrown in some teasers, all¬†for your Super Bowl viewing pleasure: private chef, Ferrari 360 Modelo, limousine service to the stadium, fetch and drop-off in a private Lear jet, oh and18 Super Bowl tickets.

This is the North Dallas palace of the late Guy Mascolo, one-half founder of the Tony & Guy hair salon chain. Guy died in 2009, but his wife, Flora, lives in the palace it took her six years to build. (We can see why!)

Staying in this place five nights would cost you a tab of $280,000 for five days. That’s kind of pricey, even if 18 people share the joint at $15,000 a pop, but if you can talk them into taking that Lear for a joy ride¬†anywhere your heart desires, what a bargain!

It’s the Steelers versus Green Bay! This is a guest post from my Arlington, Texas correspondent and fellow House Porn lover John Burgdorf: Superbowl XLV comes to town soon and Arlington will be filled with Pit and cheese fans needing beautiful homes, sexy homes. John did some research to bring us the best. Hurry, Steeler and Green Bay fans are trolling the Internet as we speak! These won’t last long:

I have a friend who lives in a 7,500 sq. foot home about 10 miles away from Cowboys stadium. His home is located inside a prestigious gated community and is perfect for corporate and executive visitors. He is pondering, like many of us out here in Arlington: shall I rent out my house for Super Bowl XLV and make a killing?

If he does choose to rent out his house, he will need to collect all valuable and important possessions throughout the house and take them to a storage or safe keeping. Couches, beds, kitchen supplies, and other household items will be left in the home for the visitors. This may seem like a hassle, right? Well…

I asked him, ‚ÄúSo you would want people you don’t know sleeping in YOUR bed?!‚Äù. He replied, ‚ÄúJohn, I have been told corporates and executives would pay a minimum $10,000 a day to rent out my home: I could just go buy a new bed!‚Äù

(But what if it’s a Duxiana?)

Should my friend get cold house feet, there are more homes to choose. There is a stunning 9,000 sq. foot Normandy Mansion in Colleyville, Texas that will rent up to $10,000 a day. That’s a pretty penny for one day, but imagine if the home were closer to the stadium; the price per day would skyrocket!

In order to rent out your home, of course, you must feel comfortable with outsiders living inside your estate for several days. But remember…it is a BIG payoff in the end.

I did a little research and found some of the priciest Super Bowl rentals in north Texas. Here are just a few samples to whet your appetite:

This homes comes with the use of a Bentley.

We had a blast, as usual, at my friend Ken Maxwell’s fun Fourth of July celebration. He’s the creative director for the Dallas office of Weber Shandwick, a mega public relations firm. And when it came to decorating his home, Ken took a cue from Frank Sinatra and did it “his way”.

The Dallas Morning News chronicled his creative process last month in a piece called “Dallas Man’s Exposition Park Townhome Marries Offbeat, Original.” The writer,  Miss Brittany Cobb, said he designed his contemporary, clean Exposition Park townhome around a single piece of art that soars more than a dozen feet in the air.

Monday night, I was hoping it was his commissioned Alfredo-Salazar-Caro mobile of tiny white ceramic pistols called “400 Guns” hanging in Maxwell’s 4th story stairwell. Why? Because I had spent 11 hours in a Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing class the previous day and was feeling pistol-crazed.  No, Cobb says the art that inspired it all is a piece called “Hello Japan” by Deep Ellum artist Ricardo Paniagua. The painting, he said, was the root for designing the entire house.

I love how Ken decorates, pulling in great art, haut design furniture and the funky from cool consignment stores plus functional items from, like, Design Within Reach.

Ken moved to Exposition Park, “Marfa in Dallas”, to his three-story, 3000 square foot townhome loft designed by Dallas architect Ron Wommack, in 2005. Talk about culture shock, he transferred in from the Park Cities.

Exposition Park is located between the east end of Deep Ellum and the Exposition Avenue entrance to Fair Park. Here’s a smaller listing nearby, 2223 square feet — price reduced — at 3709 Commerce to give you an idea of the townhome/loft: $259,000, reduced from $269,000. Talk about a neighborhood in transition, Ken went from moms and maids to midnight madness — creative types including artists, designers and professors. But you are closer to Baylor, major highways, and downtown Dallas than you would ever be in the Park Cities:

“Exposition Park is like Marfa,” Maxwell says. “The location is strange and offbeat. There are living, working artists in large open spaces, plus it’s quiet and peaceful. When people do come, they are amazed. And when people move in, they rarely leave.”

But Ken loves to entertain, and he fell for the home’s clean, contemporary feel (refreshing after all that Park Cities traditional), the open layout and fifth-floor lookout where we watched the fireworks on the Fourth of July. He created a mini-kitchen on this top (fourth) floor and usually has a bartender up there replenishing drinks. Otherwise, the long, narrow kitchen on the first floor is caterer central. 

Not only his friends, including those from the Park Cities and Preston Hollow, but out-of-towners love Ken’s pad. During Super Bowl weekend he made a killing, renting his home for $5,000 a night to a German billionaire in town for P. Diddy’s Fair Park party. Did he worry about anything getting destroyed? Not a bit. The house was kept in perfect shape. In fact, the guests even left behind some “things”.

“I found some underwear under the bed,” Ken told me at the time — I was writing about SuperBowl rentals for AOL. “Really expensive underwear, tags still on.”

The guests had gone shopping but forgotten their purchases it in a moment of  — haste!

Airbnb start

Last week, I was honored to attend the Tutu Chic Fashion Show and Luncheon for the Texas Ballet Theater, which was beyond awesome. During lunch, a friend asked me if I knew about a home in her University Park neighborhood that was being leased out for short terms, like a week or two at a time. Oh, I said, like with Airbnb? She had no idea what Airbnb is. I informed. Not sure if the UP homeowner was working with Airbnb or another on-line online community marketplace, as they are called, but the home clearly has a lot of short term renters coming and going.

Airbnd connects people looking to rent their homes with people who are looking for accommodations. Airbnb users include hosts and travelers: hosts list and rent out their unused spaces, sometimes a room in their home, a back guest house, or even the whole house. Travelers search for and book accommodations in 192 countries worldwide. It’s staying in a private home like a hotel or bed and breakfast, which is actually how the company first started — serving breakfast with the room. Recall this was done ALL OVER DALLAS during Superbowl XLV — the M Mansion in The North Dallas Forty reportedly rented for $280,000 for five days.

Airbnd started in San Francisco thanks to the real estate market. Literally, two guys who could not pay their rent, came up with the idea of letting people pay to sleep in their apartment on air mattresses. It worked. They not only paid their rent but started a $10 billion dollar company. (more…)

Now that hotel rooms are getting as scarce as a prostitute in church for the big weekend, means more D/FW folks might be renting out their homes for Super Bowl XLV. I KNOW many homeowners would like to get a nice, big, fat deposit, turn over their keys, and then get out of town while everyone else comes in, clogs the highways, hogs our restaurants. A cool new site called is offering to help link Green Bay fans who cannot find hotel rooms with homes. Check it out if you want to lease your home.

But stranger, danger to your home? If you are serious about this rental deal, you should call your insurance company first and obtain an extra policy for the term of the rental. No kidding: we had a graduation party chez Evans for 300 plus kids, and so paranoid were my husband and I that we bought a policy to cover the night of the event. Like, what if someone falls and trips in your home — will your umbrella policy cover it if they are a tenant? Will your scheduled prized possessions be covered? Do you have at least one closet where you can lock away the silver and that $40,000 painting — wouldn’t want champagne spray or red wine on it now, would you? Hosts in Augusta, GA, home of the Masters, tell me they keep special linens for the rental guests — towels, sheets, blankets and pillows.

And then, there’s this: Clorox cleans only so much. Some experts say the reason people want to rent homes is that they want to turn your home into a dang brothel. 15,000 women are estimated to be heading our way to turn Dallas into a hotbed for hookers. Not sure a wad of cash is worth having all that “activity” in my house and hot tub!