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This is interesting. It is up in the elevators at Preston Towers. Do all three homeowner associations really oppose the skybridge (sky-bridge?) Because I own property in the area, and no one has asked my opinion!

Here you can see what the proposed skybridge looks like at Preston Center Pavilion.

Here you can see what the proposed skybridge looks like at Preston Center Pavilion.

As you know, today the Dallas City Council was to discuss and vote on the proposed skybridge at Preston Center at 1:00 pm. I’ve just received word from Councilwoman Jennifer Gates that she plans to file a motion to delay the debate until November:

I would like to share with you the motion I plan to make regarding addendum items #36 and #40 (skybridge in Preston Center), so you may plan accordingly. Based on the public input I have received, I have determined that these items need to be delayed until November. I am hopeful that this time will allow us to address the issues related to the parking garage in Preston Center. This motion will be made at the public hearing scheduled for this afternoon. 

Preston center skybridge

Thank God for Wylie H. Dallas. If you don’t know him, he’s a —  secret. He is also “erudite and omnipresent.” D Magazine puts it this way:

Wherever a post or news article about city affairs appears online, Wylie is sure to show up in the comments, sometimes simply to quip, sometimes to offer other investigative avenues that it seems only an insider would be familiar with. Jim Schutze at the Dallas Observer has gone half-insane trying to sleuth out Wylie’s real identity. He thinks Wylie works at City Hall. We’re not so sure. And we pray the mystery remains.

Wylie H. Dallas

Whenever I try to explain Wylie to agents or friends, they look at me as if I’m crazy: whaddaya mean the guy doesn’t exist? How could he sign a contract? (more…)


Don’t you just hate it when you go out of town and try to have a great vacation and then someone sends out a letter without even consulting you?  (more…)


Preston center skybridge 2

These are the four parking spaces that will be replaced by the temp skybridge and elevator.

Losing a major grocer as a tenant in Preston Center is not going to hurt Crow Holdings one bit. Not gonna lose one penny. The company will find retailers to fill the old Foleys/Sanger Harris building right up, whether it’s Bed, Bath & Beyond or Buy Buy Baby or Sarah’s Secrets. (Kidding on that last one.)  That’s how the business works. Preston Center is some of the most primo commercial property in Texas.

Who will lose? The people who live in the area who will have to drive north to Preston/Royal or Preston/Forest to pick up Tide and Ziplock bags with their milk and pot roast, or south to — wherever.

Maybe they’ll just go to the new Sam’s on Central. (more…)

Here you can see what the proposed skybridge looks like at Preston Center Pavilion.

Proposed skybridge at Preston Center Pavilion.

I know it’s the TASK Force, but maybe that’s gonna be my new nickname for them: TSK TSK. I have been busy with personal issues, but I emerged this week to learn that almost all the folks on Jennifer Gates’ Task Force for Preston Center want to hold off on the proposed skybridge to link the parking garage over to the former Sanger Harris/Foleys building across the street. The skybridge will pave the way for the developer, Crow Holdings, to snag a big name grocer for the area. Come on folks, this is not a permanent structure. There are skybridges all over Dallas that give us walking shortcuts and keep us dry. Besides, the skybridge is NOT PERMANENT! $750,000 is a drop in the bucket for a developer like Crow.

I’m getting a little concerned that the “Northwest Highway and Preston Road Area Stakeholder Task Force is just going to turn into the “TSK TSK Just Say No Anything and Everything Force.” So we just leave Preston Center west of Preston to crumble away? (more…)

Here you can see what the proposed skybridge looks like at Preston Center Pavilion.

Here you can see what the proposed skybridge looks like at Preston Center Pavilion.

As it turns out, the Dallas City Plan Commissioners were just as impressed with the proposed Preston Center Pavilion skybridge as we were. It’s a fantastic way to add more patio space, as well as a safe way for pedestrians to cross a busy intersection without having to dodge traffic.

Remember, we got an exclusive detailed look at the proposed skybridge and remodeled parking garage last month. Check out the renderings and read more about this project from Crow Holdings after the jump:


Preston Center parking garage

Update: Just got word that Margot Murphy, City Councilwoman Gates’ planning commissioner, will hold this item until mid January. Letter to Jennifer Gates attached below.

This is one of those stories that makes me love what I do ever so much more. The Preston Center real estate saga continues only — please do grab your seat — now Rick Williamson, president of the Crosland Group, is on the same team with former Mayor Laura Miller.

Yep, the two are really working together.

You may recall that the Crosland folks credited Ms. Miller with single handedly destroying their plans for a luxury apartment tower in Preston Center called Highland House.

What in the world could bring about this union? Crow Holdings, who purchased The Pavillion at Berkshire and Westchester, backing onto Douglas, last December. The company wants to build a dang SKYBRIDGE connecting that old double decker parking lot in the middle of Preston Center West to their property. Why? The folks doing the leasing, Lincoln Properties, are negotiating for a 50,000 square foot,  tw0-story Tom Thumb  — I think we told you this — and Tom Thumb apparently wants to give shoppers easy access to that second story parking garage with grocery carts. (more…)