Kevin Caskey, that dapper, loved-by-every-real-estate-practitioner-in-town, super-star agent, has left Century 21 Judge Fite’s Fine Homes & Estates luxury division to join Halo Group Realty where he will be leading the company as Executive Vice President.

Kevin started his real estate career with Keller Williams, Dallas City Center, where he quickly became a top producer. He took over the office as Team Leader just prior to overseeing a successful de-franchising of the brokerage with nearly zero casualties. Kevin managed Dallas City Center as leader of an independent brokerage in Dallas for six years before finally succumbing to the recruitment efforts of Nathan Grace. Caskey says he loved being President of NG for that short time before the company was sold to Century 21 Judge Fite.

“Kevin is truly one of the most respected, beloved members of the DFW real estate community,” says Britt Morris, President of Halo Group Realty. “I am beyond thrilled at his addition to the Halo family.  We’ve been looking for the perfect fit to take over agent operations, and his expertise positions us for continued growth in the DFW marketplace.” 

Halo Group Realty is a 100 percent commission model where agents forego the traditional commission split with their broker, retaining more income from the commission. 

“My 20-plus years in the real estate business has taught me some valuable lessons, to which I recently started paying some serious attention,” says Kevin: “Who you are in business with matters!”



Congratulations are in order for Kevin Caskey, who was just named president of Nathan Grace Real Estate as Vickie Parker, the visionary who grew the brokerage into the boutique powerhouse it is today, retires after eight years with the company.


Kevin Caskey Nathan Grace

Well, it’s going to be an interesting evening at MetroTex Association of Realtor’s Awards and Installation bash Wednesday night. For maybe the first time ever, two brokers from the same firm are vying for Metrotex Broker of the Year…

That would be Russell Berry and Kevin Caskey, two of three finalists, and both with Nathan Grace.

That’s right, Nathan Grace. On Monday, Kevin left Dallas City Center Realtors, where he had worked for 15 years, running the place for seven, longer than any other manager.

He has moved over to Nathan Grace as the firm’s Area Director. Kevin will manage Park Cities, Lake Highlands and Richardson, basically everything Dallas County. His business partner, Bill Clarkson moved with him.

“Nathan Grace has grown so fast in this market,” says Kevin,”already six offices plus corporate, that kind of growth is pretty impressive.”

While he loved City Center, Kevin says he sees so much more opportunity for growth with Nathan Grace.

“It was time to see what is out there,” says Kevin. “because the business is changing so quickly. We were very busy, but not really growing. Nathan Grace is also very technology forward, which is going to be an even bigger component of our business going forward. The changes are coming, and we need to be prepared.”

Brokers are always reaching out to top agents, says Kevin, and he has been getting offers to move for year, but never considered a one until now.

“Every week, Nathan Grace has a “Live from Sherry Lane” Facebook feed show for all the agents, it’s a fun, upbeat atmosphere, welcoming and comfortable, not stuffy.”

Aside from Bill, Kevin comes to NG alone as he has a non-compete with Dallas City Center.

But that, he says, is not keeping his phone very silent.


Kevin Caskey, Dallas City Center Realtors director, talks to WFAA about how school ratings influence home prices.

Kevin Caskey, Dallas City Center Realtors director, talks to WFAA about how school ratings influence home prices.

With the Texas legislature set to approve a new letter grading system that adds more clarity and precision to the TEA’s rating categories, Realtors are wondering how the new approval guide will affect housing prices. The measure just cleared the Senate and is headed for the house.

Lake Highlands resident and Dallas City Center Realtors director Kevin Caskey weighed in during this report from WFAA (Channel 8) on the matter. Caskey and his husband have two children at Richardson ISD’s Wallace Elementary, and has seen how changes in demographics have influenced school ratings, and thereby impacting home prices.

“Those rankings are not always representative of what the school truly is,” he said. “I have two children at Wallace Elementary in Lake Highlands, and that school, particularly, has a huge population of Burmese refugees. When those children came in — of course, because of language barriers and such — the scores did go down… therefore the rating did go down.”

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Kevin Kiosk F

I was on my way to drop my son off at preschool when all the sudden I saw Kevin Caskey’s face at Mockingbird and Abrams. His kiosk ad, a slick, minimalist magazine cover is one of several Dallas City Center’s top agents are rolling out. After seeing the kiosk ad, it reminded me that I needed to check in with him about what listings DCC has in the wings.

As it turns out, I did exactly what Caskey’s ad was supposed to make me do.

“When you’re driving by, it has to capture your attention. What we want to do is use the kiosk ads as a way of, not necessarily building a brand, but to stay top-of-mind,” Caskey said.

When I called Caskey today we had a great chat about advertising, their fabulous new agents, and this L-Streets charmer at 10030 Lanshire that is as rare as a unicorn these days.

“It’s been a hot property because there’s nothing in this price range in Lake Highlands,” Caskey said. “Under $300,000 is so hard to find in this area. It’s unheard of!”

10030 Lanshire Front


Kevin Caskey

He loves his customers, his family, and his neighborhood, and hopefully they all love Kevin Caskey back. And why wouldn’t they? The Dallas City Center Realtor has poured his heart and soul into Dallas and his brokerage, working his way up over 12 years to become sales director. Not bad for a guy from Baytown!

We were so impressed with the way Kevin does business that we had to have him on the! Kevin took a few moments from his busy schedule as an indispensable part of the Dallas City Center team and a soccer dad to answer these questions for us. Enjoy! Where are you from?
Kevin Caskey: Originally from Baytown, Texas which is just 30 minutes outside of Houston & about 45 minutes from Galveston. We moved to Dallas in 1994…seems like forever.

CD: How did you get into real estate?
Caskey: I have always loved architecture and was on track to be an architect but concrete & electrical schedules weren’t exciting enough for me, so I became a Realtor…which is plenty exciting! I had worked my way up the ladder in my past careers and hated that being at the top made you a liability to the company; in real estate we celebrate the agents who make the most money! I started my real estate career at Dallas City Center over 12 years ago and took over as Director 3 ½ years ago.

CD: Define your “Client First” philosophy for us.
Caskey: My career was in Retail and that taught me how to effectively deal with all types of people. I then became a Social Worker for the State and that showed me a different side of an even broader range of people. Being a Social Worker led to a career in the Private Home Healthcare Industry with positions in marketing and later as an Administrator which was the most impactful in making me realize that people simply want their needs met, whatever they may be. I feel that my past experience has led to my present success since many of our clients & agents need a fair amount of hand holding on the road to achieving their goals.

CD: Where is home for you in Dallas?
Caskey: I live in Lake Highlands with my Partner of 26 years and our two children (both 7 years old).

Kevin Caskey Family

CD: And you drive a … let me guess, Mercedes Benz?
Caskey: Nope…being a typical soccer Dad of two I drive a Ford Expedition.

CD: What’s your favorite ‘hood in Dallas and why?
Caskey: Very, very hard question. Almost every neighborhood inside the loop has something I love. Our first home was in the Kessler Area so my first love was Oak Cliff but I have to say my long term relationship is with Lake Highlands…the people are totally awesome, the schools are great & I love being by White Rock Lake so we can take the kids on a kayak ride at a moment’s notice.

CD: What was your best/highest sale?
Caskey: My clientele has kept me humble in the $100k-$2 million range so I would have to say my best sales are the clients that move up. Providing great customer service has allowed me repeat business so I have many that sell their first or second home & move on up to the higher dollar properties…those multiple sales add up.

CD: Likewise, what was your most challenging or memorable transaction?
Caskey: My best sale was a $15,000 one bedroom home in West Dallas for an elderly home-bound woman. She needed to sell in order to move to Florida to live with her daughter. She was being locked in every night so I told her I had to sell it in one day to get her out of that situation immediately. I have had high dollar sales that were pretty boring in comparison.

CD: How quickly have you ever turned a house?
Caskey: We are blessed to be in a market that I can say that I have sold quite a few before they even hit the market.

CD: How much did you sell last year?
Caskey: I am the Director for Dallas City Center so my personal sales are not my focus so I would note that our office did about $100 Million this past year … but I personally managed to close about $5 Million.

CD: What have you learned about selling that makes you so successful?
Caskey: Be patient, never act/react like you need the sale to happen & never, ever worry or second-guess if you know you are doing your very best. I tell my children to be nice to everyone, even the mean people, and you will always win.

CD: If you ever change careers for an encore you’ll…
Caskey: My Mother always told me I could “argue with a fencepost” so I would have to say I would be an attorney.

CD: Do you have a second home? If so, where?
Caskey: We did have a lake property and sold it because we wanted to take our kids a variety of places so they could have many different 2nd home experiences. We have stayed in fabulous homes in Breckenridge, Santa Fe, Puerto Vallarta & even nearby at the M Mansion having memorable family experiences every time.

Update 10:00 EST: ONLY the Guerriero-Law team has left BFS.

The chairs just keep on turning: Nancy Guerriero has departed Briggs Freeman to work with Kevin Caskey over at Dallas City Center joined by Janelle Law, of course. And if you think you read on here somewhere on here that Will Seale from (previously) Allie Beth Allman and the cute cute hubby-wife team of Karla and Alex Trusler, also of Briggs Freeman, left to go with her, they DID NOT! Everyone is still there and happy!! A case of mistaken email communication and once I clarified with Nancy this morning, I got that puppy fixed. This is what happens when you try to work from Maine.

But I’m very impressed with Dallas City Center and how rapidly they have grown since April when most of these folks were Keller Williams City Center. We are talking light years, with more exciting news, I hear, to come…

Don’t be late to the annual event sponsored by the Women’s Council of Realtors, Dallas Network. The Mad Hatter’s Tea and Fashion Show is Friday, Oct. 18, and our own Candy Evans will co-emcee the annual fundraiser for Carry the Load. This event is a fantastic way to network and get to know the best women and men in the business. 

“I am so honored, and also a little bit nervous, to emcee this event along with the beautiful Bette LeMay!” gushed Evans. “It’s truly one of the best Realtor events in North Texas. So many great Dallas Real estate icons have been past presidents of WCR —leaders such as Ebby Halliday, Virginia Cook, Lila Richards, and Allie Beth Allman.”

The event, which has a fashion show featuring real estate professionals, is always a hit.