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Dallas Housing Market: Four Things To Watch in 2019

By Contributor / January 9, 2019 / 0 Comments

Unlike prior years, 2019 will not be full steam ahead for our area’s housing market. Looking ahead, here are four things to watch in the year to come and why they matter:

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Dallas Housing Market Makes Multiple Lists as ‘Best of’ for 2017

By Leah Shafer / April 17, 2017 / 0 Comments
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We’ve been saying it for ages: the Dallas housing market (DFW, really) is on fire. This is evidenced by a shortage of housing stock, incredible buyer demand, construction everywhere, and a tendency of many houses to fly on and off the market in a matter of days (especially those under $300K), among other things. Now, […]

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Dallas Housing Market Sizzles, Can’t Keep Up With Demand for Homes Under $300K

By Leah Shafer / August 1, 2016 / 0 Comments

The Dallas market continues to sizzle, with the median price for single-family homes increasing by about 8 percent in May compared to last year. To paint a bigger picture, prices in North Texas have increased by about 40 percent since the 2009 economic recession, according to a new report from the Dallas Builders Association (DBA) […]

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Florida Guy Says Dallas Housing Market is Like Miami, About to Take a Plunge: Nuts

By Candy Evans / January 29, 2016 / 7 Comments

Why in the world would you compare the Dallas housing market to Miami? At first glance, I thought this may have been irresponsible real estate reporting on the part of WFAA-TV, but it is not. It’s basically taking a look at a nutcase in Florida who says our market is in for a 35% value […]

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Dallas Housing Market Doing Quite Well, But It’s Still Not Miller Time

By Candy Evans / October 2, 2012 / 0 Comments

Clear Capital, a California-based housing and finance analyst, says we can be downright proud of our market: Dallas-Fort Worth home prices will rise by another 1 percent during the next six months. The good news: more markets are improving than not, should sustain the slow winter and come out with a roar come spring. In […]

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Dallas Builders Show Features Housing Market Panel

By Joanna England / October 10, 2016 / 0 Comments

  What’s Next for the Dallas Housing Market? Where are we in the housing cycle (on the way up, on the way down, right at the top)? Will we see any relief from skyrocketing land prices? Is there an end in sight for the ongoing labor shortage in the Dallas area? All of these questions […]

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