Houston Real Estate Agent Arrested for Using Listing as “House of Passion”



Marisa Seloff

Houston real estate agent Kayla Marisa Seloff may be an inactive agent, but she was very active recently in a Friendswood listing she claims she sold. Seloff, age 22, and a 27-year-old guy named Joshua Leal, were caught having what police called a “passionate rendezvous” in a home in the 200 block of East Castle Harbour Drive, according to numerous Houston media reports.

Well, we know that is.

They were arrested after a neighbor noticed people entering the home about 5 a.m., with a flashlight.

Early birds catch the worm!

Then the duo lied to the police:

When police arrived, they saw a man and woman lying on the floor in a “passionate rendezvous,” according to KXAN-TV. Police entered the home in the 200 block of East Castle Harbour Drive through an unlocked front door, and the couple initially hid. Seloff eventually told police she and Leal were married and had bought the home the day before.

But then police found and smelled marijuana in their car. The couple were charged with criminal trespassing and arrested. Eventually Seloff admitted the drugs were hers, and that she was the home’s real estate agent, not owner.

What I do not understand, however, is how Seloff was working on an expired license…

Have you ever encountered an agent having a “passionate rendezvous” in a listing? (How embarrassing…)


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  • I think buyers “testing the waters” might be more prevalent…the real estate Mile High Club.

  • I recently sold an empty house and had all kinds of odd things go on. Trash left on counters and in cabinets, toilets used (they left evidence), doors left unlocked or open, drinks spilled on carpet and not cleaned up, and agents just previewing with no client. Those agents with no client, well I wondered if this was a rendezvous!

  • Given the tendency for interviewers to do a quick Google search prior to making an offer to the top applicant, Ms.
    Seloff might find that her career options to be somewhat limited until she changes her name and appearance.

    That is unless she determines that her future is with Fox News.

  • Her glamour picture looks better than her mug shot. My guess when the story broke her broker returned her license to TREC.