Ultra Modern Townhomes Designed by Richard Drummond Davis, Coming to the Garden District of Oak Cliff in Bishop Arts

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I have been dying to tell you about this for weeks, but just now getting the dirt. And bear with me, because I am still checking the facts but I am so excited I just couldn’t sit on this. A very cool, high quality project is on its way to 10th and Adams in Oak Cliff/Bishop Arts and seriously, you may just have converted me to an Oak Cliff dweller. That go-getter Harrison Polsky at Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty — if you don’t know this dynamo agent, you should — found the land and helped put the deal together for Proximity, the developer, who then hired Bill Mead (the same guy who built Mark Cuban’s house I THINK) to create 17 townhouses, which will be built at the corner of West 10th Street and Adams Avenue, two blocks from the many restaurants and shops that the Bishop Arts District has to offer. We are talking 2350-ish square feet of AC space, exposed brick walls, cool 700 square foot rooftop patios. Starting prices about $440,000 with different upgrade packages bringing the asking up to $525,000 to $550,000.

Harrison PolskyI’ve got to stop shouting!

And the architect? My pal Richard Drummond Davis, a Princeton-trained architect who is also apparently an Oak Cliff native. Who has designed countless estates in Park Cities and Preston Hollow. Oh, stay tuned for this one!

Says the developer:

“We really wanted to do something that incorporated a unique modern look to the area; yet would maintain certain traditional aspects of community and artistic appreciation found throughout the Bishop Arts District. In order to achieve that we hired experienced and acclaimed Oak Cliff-native Richard Davis’ architecture firm, Richard Drummond Davis Architects, and a builder who’s impeccable attention to detail we knew would not be compromised by any means throughout the project, Bill Mead. We’re confident 10th & Bishop will be a wonderful part of the continued growth and improvements being made in The Bishop Arts District and surrounding areas.”

I cannot emphasize enough how high quality this project is going to be — word is to embrace the coolness, design quality and not spare any expense.

If you go to 427 West Tenth Street right now, you will see the lot. Nothing happening for a couple weeks. But bet your bippy I will be down there walking the dirt, and bring you more deets.

Located in what is known as the Garden District of Oak Cliff, this group of  townhouses is the first development of its type for the area. The Garden District is part of the Bishop-Davis Planned Development District, which was approved by the City Plan Commission and the City Council two years ago to enhance development along Colorado and Davis Boulevards and make them pedestrian and bicycle friendly.


According to Dick Davis, when RDDA first began designing the townhouses, the developer of the project said to make them “ultra-modern”.  He also wanted to face the front units to the street with entries directly from the front sidewalk.

The units will be constructed of brick on the first floor and stucco and either pre-finished cement board or pre-finished metal siding on the upper stories.

The living space will include three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a kitchen, a large open-floor plan, multi-functional living space, and a two-car garage.

One bedroom, on the first floor, could be used as an office or study.

The second floor will include the kitchen, dining and living areas.

The third floor will include two bedrooms (including master bedroom) and a laundry room.

Each unit will have a balcony with stucco privacy screens.
The balconies will overlook a central green space, which will run through the middle of the development, offering a verdant oasis for all the residents to enjoy.


And then there are the roof decks,  offering spectacular views of the downtown skyline. The decks will add outdoor living space, perfect for entertaining. Roof decks are a great way to get a relaxed, outside vibe to multi-family urban areas. I saw this all over Miami Beach. There they get to look at the Atlantic for a couple million; maybe here we will see the Trinity? Flew over it Sunday and it has about as much water as the Atlantic… ha!



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