The Briarwood traditional classic at 4511 Elsby Ave. is a thing of beauty, and it’s one of our five featured open houses this week.

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This week, our houses range in price from $430K to $849K. You’ll find a range of properties, from a Briarwood traditional classic with farmhouse touches and a long list of awesome amenities, to a Winnetka Heights Craftsman with stylish updates. Let us know what you think of our choices, and if you know of any we should feature next week!



Spoken ForIn my neck of the woods, it seems like just a few days, if not hours, after a sign goes up in front of a home, a “Contract Pending” topper is added.

With so many contracts getting signed in Dallas’ incredibly brisk real estate market, it’s no wonder that agents are getting creative with their signs.

A loyal reader sent us the photo above and we thought it was a hoot! We gave Terri Patrick Cox a buzz to find out more about the “Spoken For” topper, but we’re waiting to hear back.

Have you seen some interesting signs lately?

UPDATE: Just heard back from Terri Cox and she shared that this little sign topper has created a lot of buzz!

After a ton of offers came in on this property, Cox had a stroke of genius.

“I was standing there with buyer in the door frame this home— 6214 Park Lane,” Cox said. “This was a very high-interest property, and someone was driving by really slowly outside the property and I thought ‘I need to tell them that this property is spoken for!’ ”

Very clever, if you ask me! She currently has this sign topper up at two properties, including 6126 Morningside, too.

“This was sort of a spur-of-the-moment thing,” Cox added. “People have called me about it, and strangers have called me about it, asking, ‘What does spoken for mean?’ It’s just a great way to keep it fun and light.”