These signs are proliferating in Preston Hollow and I’ve seen a few in the Park Cities. Anyone seen them? They are the creation of a Wethersfield, Ct. woman, Petulia Pugliares, who lives between two elementary schools and a high school and thinks people there drive too fast. She has witnessed several accidents and was even struck by a car herself.

Well Petulia honey, if they are driving too fast in Ct. let me tell you what they are doing in Texas, where we have a highway that lets us hit 120 mph. Drivers are on speed steroids here in Dallas. Not that it makes a difference, any fast-moving car is dangerous, but we drive bigger cars that are like missiles — trucks, SUVs, and Hummers. And she’s right — people DO drive too fast, endangering people and stray pets. Petulia’s creation attempts to create an empathy campaign to solicit or elicit empathy in the viewer of the sign. It sort of reels them in, reminds them of what’s really important, like their kids, and hopefully makes them slow down.

So much nicer than what my sign would say: “Slow Down You EFF*#@!! IDIOTS!” (more…)

dallas_addison_texas_apartments_fiori_BDG_680_3It’s August, and still we see those “NO!” NIMBY signs all across Preston Hollow, indicating homeowner’s opposition to a potential multi-family residential development by a company called Transwestern, at Preston and Northwest Highway, Behind the Pink Wall. It’s been eight months since I wrote these words:NO-to-Transwestern-Deal (more…)

10777 Strait Lane extWell, kind of. I didn’t have time to get you the background dirt circa early ’80s on the breathtaking Oats home at the southwest corner of Strait and Royal — you know, this week’s $19.5 million Monday Morning Millionaire. I was busy getting ready to head to San Francisco for Connect.

Thankfully, Alan Peppard took the ball and ran with it. So I will let him bring you the details on how John Post, son of insurance honcho Troy Post, bought the original home on the lot for $3 million and then tore it down. In fact, I remember when this home was torn down as I drove by it nearly every day (carpool). I knew the home was huge (19,000 square feet) and that it was torn down by the buyer almost as soon as he bought it. We were just incredulous! Tear downs were reserved back then for really messed up homes.

Dallas was sure a blast in the ’80s.

Also, Alan says “nearby Strait Lane neighbors include Jessica and Dirk Nowitzki and their baby daughter; Margot and Ross Perot; and Kentucky Derby-winning horse breeders Lisa and Kenny Troutt.” Yes, but let’s not forget Mehrdad Moayedi, who just snapped up Phil Romano’s house and is doing a ton of work on it even as we speak.


VoncielJonesHillpool.jpgby Eric NicholsonI don’t know about you, but the mosquitos are so bad this year I have taken to carrying OFF in my purse! They are biting me like crazy, and in fact the City of Dallas has found signs of the virus in the 6600 block of Brookshire, in 75230. The City was planning to spray insecticide tonight and tomorrow, between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m., but now that will likely be postponed due to the weather.

Tonight’s critical area is bounded by Azalea Lane on the north, Tulane Boulevard on the west, Airline Road on the east, and Walnut Hill Lane on the south. (more…)

10777 Strait Lane extIt’s July, it’s getting hot, muggy, who’s really working? Take the day off and go to a pool and pretend you are swimming at this house, the famous Dallas White House at the corner of the regal Lanes Strait and Royal.

Last week when President Obama was in Dallas, he should have toured this house and just made an offer: listed with Joan Eleazer of Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Real Estate, the asking price is a mere $19,500,000. After all, he will be out of the Washington White House in two years, not that I’m counting, and this place totally upstarts the Bush compound over on Daria. The president was fundraising last week at the home of Marc Robert and Wendy Stanley at 7403 Midbury in JanMar. I love JanMar, but Strait Lane is so much more presidential! And it’s already, I believe, in the no-fly zone!

The Dallas White House is the home of Cathy and Ralph Oats, who started Wellness International Network, have been married to each other forever, and have a large extended family.



And to tell the truth, I think The Dallas White House upstarts the White House in D.C., too. Where to begin?

This elegant, totally gated estate is sited on 3.3 beautifully landscaped acres that have been exquisitely manicured by that landscape genius Harold Leidner. This is one of Harold’s crowning landscape glories! It is at the southwest corner of Strait Lane and Royal. If you are a veteran of the area, you may recall the home was not always this gracious and a near White House replica, though it was the previous owners who named it such. It was, in fact, a bit of a head-scratcher because the original house was red brick! (more…)

4935 Radbrook extEvery so often, a landmark Dallas home comes along for sale that makes you catch your breath and want to mortgage your first-born child so you can buy it.

Such is the Herman and Mimi Lay estate at 4935 Radbrook Place in Preston Hollow. Have you seen this home in spring? It has oceans of tulips sprouting in colors so vivid you do think you are in Holland. And the azaleas! No wonder the the Lay Ornamental Garden in the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is named in honor of Herman and Mimi.

On June 9, 4935 Radbrook hit the MLS and life has not been the same since. The home, built in 1962, was designed by renown architect Cole Smith, who is married to Sherry Hayslip. The home was built by Hal Anderson.

This month it appears as one of the most beautiful homes in Dallas as anointed by D Home Magazine. Sometimes I don’t agree with those selections, but I have to say this one is right on target! And even better on the inside, I think, than out! The home was custom built for Herman and Sarah Amelia (Mimi) in 1962. Herman Lay, of course, started the H.W. Lay Co., Inc, which is now part of the Frito-Lay corporation.

So in a way, this is a home that potato chips built! (more…)

Laura Miller Returns to City hall

Last Thursday, the Dallas Plan Commission voted to postpone a decision on rezoning for 6215 Westchester, proposed site of the Highland House luxury apartments a Dallas developer wants to build in the center of Preston Center. The reason: to provide time for a land-use study of the area.

Laura Miller was there in full theatrics, trying her very best to urge the plan commission to deny the zoning change and stop the building. (more…)

Warm Mist Front

The moment I saw a photo of this home in Brandon Stewart’s MOD 214 newsletter, I knew we had to feature it. I loved it’s shape — there’s something about the pitch of the roof with those 1970s contemporaries that throws you off just enough to make you look twice.

What I didn’t realize was that the interiors were just as amazing, and that the sellers of this gorgeous home in Prestonwood Creek had invested a lot of time and money in updating this home to please your senses and your wallet. And c’mon, guys! Who can resist having an address like 5905 Warm Mist Lane?!

Find out more about this home and it’s Earth-friendly pedigree after the jump!