6015 Bryan Parkway

This beautiful historic home at 6015 Bryan Pkwy. just hit the market. It’s located inside the Old East Dallas neighborhood of Munger Place.

Even being a long-time Dallas resident, you might not be familiar with the official lines of Old East Dallas, unless perhaps looking at homes in the area. Looking at the neighborhood’s past is like a fascinating history lesson! Four adjacent, amazing historic neighborhoods are all part of Old East DallasSwiss Avenue Historic District, Peak’s Suburban Addition, Munger Place, and Junius Heights.


munger place

Using most standards from around the world, Dallas homes aren’t very old at all. Sure, you’ll find the occasional 1920’s property, but rarely anything older. Not so with today’s Thursday Three Hundred, a slice of Dallas history as the site of the original Piggly Wiggly store, built in 1916. It is also rumored to have been a speakeasy during the Prohibition era.

Located at 315 N. Collett Ave. this is a rare townhome in Munger Place, both architecturally and historically significant. It offers a distinctly loft-like vibe inside. Think 12-foot ceilings, exposed ductwork and rafters, and exposed brick with custom texture on the walls.

This property is full of stories, and not just its own: the reclaimed maple hardwood floors were recovered from the former gym at the Hockaday School. Pretty cool.

With three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 2,249 square feet on one story, this is a spacious townhome with luxe extras, like three-zone wiring for total house sound, including the front patio and courtyard.

This is such an unusual, storied property, located near N. Munger Boulevard and Columbia Avenue, just minutes from downtown Dallas — let’s take a look.


6110 Bryan a

The Swiss Avenue Historic District is one of Dallas’ treasures. Our Friday Five Hundred is located in its boundaries, near Skillman Street and Swiss Avenue, in the Munger Place neighborhood.

The East Dallas Craftsman bungalow at 6110 Bryan Pkwy., is an absolute beauty, with looks and location. It was built in 1921 and has been carefully and lovingly updated to offer modern luxuries that make it totally appealing.

This home has three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and 2,119 square feet, quite large for the home’s era. It has been featured in the Swiss Avenue Mother’s Day Home Tour, and sits on a street full of other architecturally significant homes.

It was listed yesterday by Brent Germany with Keller Williams Realty Plano for $525,000.



I popped over to see this perfectly renovated prairie at 4834 Worth St.  this past weekend and was lucky enough to meet with the brains behind the transformation.

Stacey Warnix of Restoric Properties has always had a passion for architecture and design. She also has a passion for rescue, whether that rescue is an adorable three-legged Labradoodle or a neglected historic two-story house built in 1913.

4834 Worth Street

Second floor balcony overlooks Worth Street.

Warnix fell into renovating homes, although it was always in the back of her mind. She has accounting and law degrees and as life was moving her in those directions, she was also regularly helping friends with their homes.

“I should have been an architect,” Warnix said. “I wanted to be one as a kid. I’d hide in the closet and draw floor plans. There was always this creative tendency. I was an insane DIY’er. I would jump out of bed on the weekends and be at Home Depot or Lowes when they opened, ready to tackle a project.”

Warnix relocated from London to Dallas in 2009, never intending this to be a permanent landing place. Then, of course, she met someone and settled into the city.

“My boyfriend was active in real estate and has been flipping for decades,” Warnix said. “I got a front seat view into how he does it. Watching him gave me the courage to try what has always been my passion. I’d saved money and just decided it was time to take some risks and finally do what I loved.”


dallas open houses sunday

The home at 5343 Wenonah Dr. is one of five featured this week in our open-house roundup.

Our CandysDirt Open Houses of the Week column rounds up five fantastic open houses in Dallas (and the ‘burbs from time to time).

This week, we’ve picked five properties that range in price from $379K to $1.725 million. You’ll find everything from a stately Munger Place Craftsman with both historic details and modern updates, to a sleek Preston Square Townhome with a contemporary look. Let us know what you think of our choices, and if you know of any we should feature next week!


Munger Place Burglar

It was so cool to see my old neighborhood in the news, and for a good reason.

Neighbors on Reiger Avenue had been plagued by teenage burglars and vandals breaking into their cars and relieving them of their property, but one thief was caught in broad daylight by a bunch of fed-up Munger Place residents.

This is all just after the annual Munger Place Days festival, a three-day home tour and bazaar that highlights the cool historic district’s inherent charm. These are the people that wave from their front porches as you walk your dog, so when they banded together to take down a criminal, the results were spectacular.

Way to go, Munger Place!

4837 Tremont (Photos: Aaron Doughterty)

4837 Tremont (Photos: Aaron Doughterty)

Tomorrow’s wine walk and preview is the first event in the three-day Munger Place Days and Tour of Homes this weekend. In its eighth year, the home tour shows off the historic district’s ample inventory of early 20th century architecture. The homes will be open to ticketholders on Saturday and Sunday, and includes a wonderfully curated group of bungalows, prairie-style homes, and even a colonial revival.

Other events scheduled for the weekend include a craft fair and street festival on Sunday, and a free symposium on Saturday that will cover the care and restoration of vintage homes led by Tom Clark and Jon Wright. Their talk will mostly cover restoration of windows, but expect to find out more about the detailed process involved in preserving a neighborhood of this caliber, like the classic craftsman at 4837 Tremont pictured above.

Tickets for tomorrow’s wine walk and the home tour are still available. You can purchase wine walk tickets for $25 in advance and $30 at the door. Home tour tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door.  The symposium is a free event sponsored by Prime Lending.

Jump to see more photos of this year’s tour homes.



Nightmare on Swiss Ave: Neighbors of the Aldredge House say that vendors have turned what was once a tolerable social venue into a nightmare.

Nick McCune has lived in the Swiss Avenue Historic District for more than 16 years at 5514 Swiss Ave., a sublime two-story Craftsman home that is right next door to the Aldredge House. His home, like the Aldredge House, was built in 1917 and is pristine, with a large front porch and an expanse of lush St. Augustine in front. Homes like McCune’s are the reason why the neighborhood is one of the most adored and sought-after in Dallas. Having a Swiss Avenue address is something of a status symbol, though many of the people who live on this storied street in Munger Heights would blush at the thought.

But it’s not all roses and Mother’s Day tea, as there has been a war brewing between one of the most recognizable homes in the neighborhood and the households that surround it.

In what has quickly become a he-said-she-said shouting match between neighbors of the Aldredge House and the Dallas County Medical Society Alliance that owns the property, McCune has been consistent and level-headed, open to a dialogue between those who want to see the Aldredge House return to a single-family residence, and those who say that such an action would effectively ruin the immaculately preserved home.

Nick and Rhonda McCune's gorgeous two-story Craftsman home is next door to the Aldredge House.

Nick and Rhonda McCune’s gorgeous two-story Craftsman home is next door to the Aldredge House.

The problem of loud weddings and large tents didn’t develop overnight, McCune said, but it has steadily become the norm over the past few years. Despite several attempts to rein in the size and volume of the events, McCune says it’s a Sisyphean task.

From his accounts, McCune’s weekends are full of noisy trucks idling, crews shouting as they set up tents, a busy street as valets usher cars past his driveway, all capped with receptions that feature loud emcees, long toasts, and send-offs that test the limits of polite society. Sometimes they get to enjoy it all twice in a day.

“It has spiraled completely out of control in the last several years,” said attorney Chris Hamilton, who is representing six households near the Aldredge House. Together they have filed an application with the City of Dallas Board of Adjustment to revoke the Aldredge House’s ‘legal non-conforming use’ allowing it to host private events.

“In 2009, there were 20-something private events at the Aldredge House,” said Hamilton, who has lived at 5521 Swiss Ave. since 2011. “In 2014 there were 64 private events.”

Hamilton echoes McCune, saying that the neighbors have been trying to work with the Aldredge House for years, and yet no permanent resolution has been found. After going back and forth with the city over a period of months and years, neighbors felt that their only recourse was to take their complaint to the Board of Adjustment.

“[Wedding vendors] would say, ‘I’ll talk to the bride about this,’ or ‘I will ask the bride about that,’ when the neighbors had concerns about music,” Hamilton said. “But nothing was ever done.”

It all came to a head when Hamilton, McCune, and other neighbors found out that a vendor had been allegedly forging their signatures in order to get tent permits from City Hall.